5 Activities to Help Keep Your Dog Happy in the Winter

Some pet owners worry about the toll winter snow and ice can take on their pet’s paws and coat. Whether you book local mobile dog groomers or in-salon appointments, regular grooming over the winter months can help keep them looking and feeling great while allowing them to enjoy winter as much as possible.

In addition to regular grooming, dog owners in Valparaiso, IN know that their furry companions need both mental and physical exercise to keep them healthy and to stay happy. However, the colder winter months can make it a bit more challenging to ensure your dog gets what they need.

Making the Most of Winter with Your Dog

Whether your dog is reluctant to bound through the snow or not, every dog needs to keep active and well-groomed in the colder months. Things like lack of exercise or missing an appointment for dog grooming services can lead to negative issues such as weight gain, matted fur, and painful overgrown nails.

Lying around can certainly lead to health issues but will also result in too much pent-up energy, which can lead to unpleasant behavior issues too. Even if you aren’t interested in spending hours outside this winter, there are plenty of fun and engaging activities you can do with your dog to keep them entertained and active.

  • Make them work for their food.

Rather than just putting their food down at mealtime, why not make it a bit more mentally challenging? Invest in a slow feeder or a treat puzzle cube to stretch out feeding time and engage their brain to help them find their food. Not sure where to find these tools? Check the pet store or try your local dog grooming services in Valparaiso, IN to see if they sell these types of items.

If you want to keep things simple, just hide a few treats around the house and let your dog sniff them out!

  • Play hide and seek.

This game isn’t just for humans! Hide in a different location in your home, and then call out to your dog so that they can try and find you.

  • Use your stairs.

Running up and down your stairs a few times is an excellent way to get everyone’s blood pumping. This is an especially great activity for those high-energy pups! If you want to leave the stair climbing to the dog, try tossing their favorite toy up the stairs for them to chase. Booking regular dog grooming services will make sure their nails are trimmed, making it easier for them to race up and down the stairs!

  • Make an indoor agility course.

With objects you already have around your house, create an obstacle course and then train your dog to navigate it.

  • Change your route.

Even if you can’t walk as far as you normally would, make those short winter walks count by adding variety. Instead of tracking the same route every day, try a new path. Visit a different part of your neighborhood, or take a drive to a different part of town.

When exploring a new route, you’ll see your dog’s brain and nose in overdrive as they process the new surroundings.

Smoochie Pooch: Your Local Dog Grooming Service in Valparaiso

As tempting as it might be to hibernate the winter away, it’s so much better to maintain an active and healthy routine! In order to make it through winter feeling as good as possible, don’t forget to book regular grooming for your pet. Find it harder to get out in the winter months? Smoochie Pooch‘s local mobile dog groomers would be happy to help. To book an appointment with our mobile or in salon groomers, contact us today!