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Dog Care Tips for Pet Parents this Winter

Pet Parents this Winter

Skincare for dogs is important all year round. While concerns such as summer’s itches, allergies, heat, and matting may be more common in warmer months, there are specific matters to be aware of when the temperature drops.

Keep in mind the following tips to stay on top of your dog’s skin and health care this winter:

  1. Stay inside: Some dog breeds with long and thicker coats may be more tolerant to cold weather. However, no dog should be left outside for long periods of time in cold weather.
  2. Be mindful of fleas: Fleas can live at temperatures as low as 33 degrees. They can survive in a dormant state, so they may still be present in the winter. Be sure to practice pet skin care for flea protection.
  3. Choose warm clothing: A sweater or coat can help protect your furry friend from colder temperatures and snow.
  4. Avoid heavily salted areas: Rock salt is a danger to your dog’s paws, so be sure to avoid areas in your neighborhood that are heavily salted. You may also choose to purchase boots to protect your dog’s paws.
  5. Use pet-safe ice melters: On your property, you may choose to use pet-safe ice melters to protect the skin care and health of your dog’s paws.
  6. Be mindful of bodies of water: If you are near ponds, lakes, streams, or other bodies of water, keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts. Don’t let your dog on the ice.
  7. Prepare an emergency kit: Ensure your household has an emergency kit with supplies for your pet as well as family members, including food, water, and any medication. It will be critical in the event of power outages, blizzards, and untravellable roads.
  8. Take care of your dog’s skin: Learn more about how often you should wash your dog based on its coat type, health, and lifestyle.During bath time, focus on pet skin care by using a moisturizing shampoo.
  9. Address skin care issues: If you have concerns about your dog’s skin, be sure to consult with your groomer and veterinarian. They can advise how often you should bathe your pet and recommend products to use.

Support Your Best Friend with Skin Care for Dogs in Indiana

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