The Grooming Needs of Your Yorkie in Fort Wayne

Groomed Dog Posing for Camera

Yorkie dog grooming requires breed-specific knowledge, as these small-sized Terriers can have some unique traits that differ from one to another. While many recognize the smooth and silky coat Yorkies can often have, this breed can also have wavy and textured hair, depending on genetics.

Yorkie hair does resemble human hair, more so than most other dog breeds. They don’t shed much at all and are thought to be hypoallergenic since they have significantly less pet dander than other breeds. With all these specifics about your Yorkie’s coat, be sure to find local dog groomers in Fort Wayne that understand a Yorkie’s needs.

Yorkie Dog Grooming Styles

You may be wondering what the best cut might be for your Yorkie, and that likely depends on your preference, your dog’s personality, and the lifestyle you lead. Experienced Yorkie dog groomers will also help you learn more about your dog’s skin, which can also play a factor in what type of grooming style might be the best fit.

The most common grooming styles for this breed include:

  • A show groom – This long flowing style is trimmed regularly and needs to be brushed every day. This is the style used by those pet owners who show their Yorkie and follow American Kennel Club standards.
  • Outline groom – This cut is similar to a show groom, but the head and face area are cut much shorter. This cut is perfect for Yorkie owners that still want to show off their dog’s beautiful coat but are looking for something that requires less maintenance.
  • The teddy bear – This cut is probably the most requested option that local dog groomers in Fort Wayne receive. For this cut, the body is cut to the same length, leaving about 3/4 inch of hair throughout, with hair left a bit longer on the chest.

Yorkie dog groomers are a great resource when it comes to grooming your pet. Not only can they walk you through the different grooming style options, but they’ll also share how to carefully brush their hair to avoid tangles and mats. In addition, should you bathe your Yorkie at home in between grooming appointments, be aware that they tend to have dry and sensitive skin. Ask your groomer for the best type of gentle and moisturizing products to use.

Professional Grooming for Your Yorkie at Smoochie Pooch

From puppies to senior dogs, the trained groomers at Smoochie Pooch can pamper your Yorkie and help them feel their best. We know that every dog is unique and will work with you to trim and style your pet in a way that makes them most comfortable. Whether you’re looking for a new cut for your wavy-haired Yorkie or your pup needs some help with their dry skin, Smoochie Pooch is ready to help. To learn more about our services, please contact us.