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DOG GROOMING in Crown Point, IN

At Smoochie Pooch, we take pride in treating each member of your fur family with care and concern for their health. Our highly trained staff ensures that every experience at Smoochie Pooch is a positive one whether we’re grooming your dog in our salon or tending to your cat or dog with our convenient mobile van service.

Smoochie Pooch Crown Point Salon and Mobile Dog Grooming Cat Grooming

1220 N Main St
Crown Point, IN 46307

(219) 286-3608

Monday – Friday: 8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday & Sunday: Closed

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We groom dogs in both our Crown Point Salon and mobile grooming services.

Cat Grooming is available in our mobile grooming vans only.

Add teeth brushing, deshed treatment, anal gland expression, airbrush or dye coloring, nail polish and more to your grooming session.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch?

Many dogs and cats are stressed leaving their familiar surroundings and visiting a groomer. We go out of our way to create a soothing and safe environment that even the most anxious dogs will grow accustomed to. When you choose Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point, you are ensuring that your furry friend is with a team that is dedicated to improving their health and hygiene.

Our professional pet stylists receive extensive training in customer service and grooming techniques, making them the best in the industry.

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What If My Dog Has Special Skin Care Needs?

At Smoochie Pooch, we use high quality shampoos and conditioners. Our premium products enable us to provide care that covers a wide range of skin and coat health conditions. Our team has the knowledge and training to recommend the right products for your pet’s care.

Our products work for dogs and cats with fleas, unusual smells, sores, hair loss and various other skin and coat conditions.

Mobile Pet Grooming Services in Crown Point

Mobile grooming is available in the Crown Point and surrounding communities (most of Lake and Porter Counties). Mobile grooming offers a convenient solution for busy families, anxious pets and individuals who are unable to traverse to one of our nearby salons.

We offer cat grooming services in our mobile units as well. We do NOT offer cat grooming in our Crown Point salon location, so if you’re looking to pamper your kitten or cat, mobile grooming is the way to go.

Smoochie Pooch mobile grooming provides a one-on-one experience. Your pet and the groomer are together in the van without other dogs, cats or people to create stress or anxiety. We can accommodate pets of all ages, sizes and breeds, and our facilities are clean and well-equipped with everything you find in our salons.

Smoochie Pooch Salon Dog Grooming Services Crown Point, best dog groomers near me

Come Visit Us in Crown Point, Indiana

Stop by and visit us at Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point! Our team consists of talented, fun pet groomers with extensive training and knowledge, and we pride ourselves on making your pet look and feel their best. 

Dog grooming isn’t just about making your pet look good – it’s important to maintain your dog’s health by consistently bathing, brushing, trimming and cleaning ears and teeth. Come see the difference a dog grooming appointment can make for your pet. Call us for a free quote!

Our Pet Stylists In Crown Point, IN

Crown Point Smoochie Pooch

Holly Gargas

Pet Stylist

Holly has been grooming for four years and has been with Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point since 2017. If she’s not grooming and styling your pet, she keeps very busy with her husband (Jason) and two boys (Colton and Zane) as well as her pet family of a standard Poodle (Moonshine) and paint horse (Oakley). 

Holly’s favorite part about Smoochie Pooch is being excited and happy to go to work. Holly explained, “I love the relationship that I am able to become close with my customers.”

Best Dog Groomers in Crown Point

Ashley Young

Pet Stylist

Ashley is a recent addition to the Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point family but has been grooming for five years. Even before that, she volunteered and took in animals. Currently Ashley has a grey cat (“Rosie”), a Dutch Shepard (“Bane”), and a standard American Eskimo (“Louise”). 

Her dog and family time is very important to her, but she also enjoys painting, being a film/horror/musical buff, and traveling. When asked about the favorite part of her job she responded, “My favorite is to meet new old dogs. I can’t resist a white face on an old dog. 

Angelica Powers - Smoochie Pooch Crown Point Pet Stylis

Angelica Powers

Pet Stylist

Angelica has been grooming since 2021. She has always loved working with animals and loved the idea of making dogs look beautiful, so she decided grooming was the right career for her! Her hobbies include anything in nature, playing sports, and hanging out with family and friends. 

Angelica has a kitten named Zawra and a Shepherd mix named Milo. Her favorite thing about working at Smoochie Pooch is learning something new every day and building relationships with the pets and the pet parents. 

Kaitlyn Harris

Pet Stylist

Kaitlyn has been grooming since 2021. She wanted to become a groomer because she always wanted to work with animals and help them. After talking to a friend and doing some research, she realized she would be great at grooming! 

Some of her hobbies include hunting, fishing, camping and crafting. While not at work, you’ll find Kaitlyn spending time with her family. 

She has a pit Bull named daisy that is her sweet angel baby! She also has a German Shepard/Lab mix named Buddy.

Kaitlyn’s favorite part of her job is that she is always learning something new and becoming better each day! She also loves making dogs feel good and getting to meet all the new pets that come in!

Stephanie Norman

Pet Stylist

Stephanie has been grooming since 2007. She had always wanted to work with animals, and grooming seemed like a natural fit. Outside of work, Stephanie enjoys cooking and spending time with her children. 

She has three dogs Thor and Freya (Beagle mixes), and Skadi (a Great Pyrenees). Her favorite part of grooming is all of the puppy snuggles.

Melissa Gearlds Smoochie Pooch Crown Point location

Melissa Gearlds

Pet Stylist

Melissa trained to be a groomer with Smoochie Pooch in 2023. She previously worked at Smoochie Pooch as a CSR. She decided to make the switch because she loves animals and wanted to learn a new skill. 

Her hobbies include camping, making cups and t-shirts and spending time with her family. Melissa has two tabby cats named Kiah and Liddles. She also has a goldendoodle named Denali. 

Her achievements in grooming are graduating Smoochie Pooch Grooming Training, attending the 2023 All-American Grooming Show and getting multiple request dogs. She plans on learning and achieving even more! 

Melissa’s favorite part about grooming is how therapeutic it is for her. She enjoys helping dogs who are stressed. Every dog is different and there is always something new to learn about a breed or a specific dog.  It’s a constant challenge and consistent learning environment! 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Different breeds do have different grooming needs, but in general, your dog should be booked in for a haircut if you notice that their coat looks dull. In addition, should you notice any matted fur, hair restricting their ears, eyes, or paw pads, or that their fur feels sticky or slick, it’s best to book them in for a grooming appointment as soon as you can. Not only will regular grooming help them look their best, but it will help them feel their best too.

Every dog is unique, which means their grooming needs are too. Depending on their fur or hair type, as well as their age and lifestyle, you may need to groom your dog as often as every six weeks. It’s best to speak to your local groomer to discuss your dog’s particular needs. Although short-haired dogs may not need a full haircut as frequently as other types of dogs, regular grooming such as a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, and trimming of potty areas would still be required regularly.

At Smoochie Pooch, we offer several dog grooming options at varying price points. A typical full groom includes a bath, nails trimmed, ear cleaning, and a cut that can either be breed-specific or styled to your preference. In addition to these standard options, we also offer skin therapy treatments, shed relief, teeth brushing, and mineral hydration. We’d be happy to chat with you about your dog’s needs and tell you more about our grooming options and how they can benefit your pet.

Our dog groomers are all highly trained and specifically learn how to properly complete breed-specific grooming. As such, their knowledge and expertise allow them to determine whether a dog has a single or double coat and then groom them accordingly. While certain breeds are known for their double coats, our team will assess each pet to determine if there is an undercoat as well as what type of fur or hair is present. Being knowledgeable about a dog’s coat will help ensure they get the proper grooming treatment that best suits their needs.

There are many factors that determine the cost of dog grooming. From the size of the dog, the condition of their hair or fur, how long it’s been since their last groom, and their behavior, it’s not possible to provide a one size fits all cost for dog grooming. Once you provide the details of your grooming needs and we’ve been able to assess your pet, we can provide an estimate for the cost. We can provide details on additional services that may benefit your pet, and these can be completed at your discretion.