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Pet Salon in Lafayette, IN

Our experienced and certified groomers offer a range of professional services including shed-relief treatments, breed-specific trims, anal gland expressions, ear cleaning, nail trimming and more. Treat your pet to a high-quality spa day in Lafayette, IN at Smoochie Pooch to have them looking and feeling amazing. 

Call: (765)-413-0968

Monday-Friday: 8AM-4PM
Saturday-Sunday: CLOSED

4100 Britt Farm Drive
Lafayette, IN 47905

Our salon is conveniently located where Britt Farm Drive and Brinker Street meet, between Prometric Testing Center and Foxes Den Self Storage. Close to Chipotle Mexican Grill and Drury Inn & Suites.

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Dog Grooming Services

Our wide range of services, from dog grooming packages to add-ons and additional services, makes our salon a local favorite among customers in Lafayette, Indiana. Among other options, we specialize in deshedding treatments, nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts. 

We’re happy to perform a breed-specific trim or a trim specific to your preferences. Want us to use a specialty shampoo to restore damaged hair and skin? You got it! We always customize treatments to serve your pet best and give them the perfect experience designed just for them.

Learn more about our dog grooming services as well as the many additional services we offer.

Your Local Lafayette, Indiana Dog Groomers

All of our pet groomers have certifications and extensive training to care for your pet. We treat and pamper canines, from puppies to elderly dogs, at our Lafayette location.

We always treat each pet with gentleness and love. Whether we’re bathing, blow-drying, trimming nails or cleaning ears, we’re ensuring all measures are taken to give your pets a comfortable, safe place to receive care.

Have an anxious pet? We’ll do our very best to spend extra care to calm and sooth their anxiety and make their experience as welcoming as possible.

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How Do I Get a Pricing Estimate?

Please call (765)-413-0968 to speak with one of our team members. In order to provide you with a quote, we will need information about your pet including the breed and other information.

How Long Does the Grooming Process Take?

Our pet-centered approach to grooming is focused around a fabulous experience that ends in an even more fabulous groom! We take the time before every appointment to discuss your preferences and pet’s needs so we can be sure to give them an amazing groom that you and they will love. Please allow for around 2-3 hours per pet appointment to allow us the time to take care of your pet with the kindness and gentle skill they deserve.

We try very hard to stick to three hours or less. With large or matted dogs, however, it may take a little longer to groom them safely and efficiently.

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Will My Dog Be Caged?

Each dog is kept in a safe and sanitized personal kennel according to the AKC Safe Salon standards when they are not being groomed. This is not only to maintain a sanitary salon space, but for their safety as well as the safety of any other dogs in the salon at the same time. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, sanitary and comfortable space for all dogs on and off the grooming table.

Will My Dogs Come into Contact with Other Dogs?

Each pet is pampered with individual attention. Unless a family has multiple pets that come in together, all dogs will be separated.

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Cambree at Lafayette Salon

Cambree Roland

Pet Stylist

Cambree embarked on her grooming journey in 2023. She continues to propel her career forward, driven by an eagerness for knowledge and her deep love for animals. She approaches her craft with enthusiasm and grabs every opportunity to expand her skill and expertise. 

Her passion for animals traces back to her childhood dream of becoming a veterinarian. This dream pushed her to work in a shelter, where she witnessed firsthand the consequences of a dog not being properly groomed. Their stories fueled her passion and she became determined to make a difference. 

In her grooming practice, Cambree doesn’t have a favorite when it comes to breeds. Instead, she embraces each furry client with open arms, eager to learn from their unique characteristics and grooming needs. 

At home, Cambree shares her life with Maple, an Australian shepherd whose boundless energy and curiosity drive them to explore new places for walks. 

If grooming weren’t her path, Cambree envisions herself owning her own cozy bookstore or at least working at one. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies and her preferred way of destressing. 

For Cambree, grooming isn’t just a job – it’s a calling. She wants her customers to know that her passion for pet styling shows in every aspect of her work. Despite the physical and emotional toll that pet grooming can have on a groomer, she finds immense fulfillment in the opportunity to nurture and learn alongside the dogs she cares for. 

Heather Crabtree

Pet Stylist

Heather is a seasoned grooming professional who started in 2012 as a bather in her aunt’s shop. Fear Free Certified, Heather prioritizes the well-being and comfort of her furry clients above all else. She believes in creating a stress-free environment to ensure a positive grooming experience for every pet. 

While she may have reached many milestones in her career, Heather still harbors ambitions of becoming a master groomer, despite acknowledging the role her age plays in this pursuit. 

Driven by circumstance, Heather found her calling in the grooming industry following her divorce. What started as a necessity soon blossomed into a fulfilling career as she honed her skills and transitioned from bather to groomer. 

Among her favorite breeds to groom, Heather has a soft spot for Standard Poodles, as she has one of her own named Seamus, affectionately known as “the old man”. Alongside Seamus, Heather shares her home with Finn, a spirited Woodle who found his forever home after a chance encounter at the grooming shop, and Bo, a feline friend with a disdain for Heather’s affection. The dogs and her enjoy hiking together. 

In another life, Heather might have pursued her childhood dream of becoming a travel agent and traveling the world. If not grooming, she envisions herself as a dedicated stay-at-home mom or working in some capacity with animals. 

Passionate about her craft, Heather thrives on the challenge of grooming difficult dogs, embracing the opportunity to help them overcome their fears and anxieties. She understands the anxiety some dogs may experience during grooming and emphasizes the importance of establishing trust and forming bonds through regular grooming sessions. She strongly desires that every pup feels cherished and cared for when they visit the salon. 

Andrea at Lafayette Salon

Andrea Tyrie

Pet Stylist

Meet Andrea, a dedicated groomer with a passion for pampering pets. In 2023, Andrea embarked on a new journey, graduating from the esteemed Animal Behavior College (ABC) as a certified dog groomer. Prior to this, she honed her skills over 12 years as a certified veterinarian assistant, gaining invaluable experience in handling animals with care and expertise.

Driven by a desire for continuous improvement, Andrea harbors future ambitions to enhance her grooming skills and extend her expertise to feline companions, with a particular interest in cat grooming. At home, she shares her life with four beloved cats: Drumstick, Dip n Dot, Mr. Bigglesworth, and Miss Laney, with dreams of welcoming a majestic European Maine Coon into her family.

For Andrea, grooming isn’t just a profession—it’s a philosophy. Her favorite mantra, “Treat others how you want to be treated,” underscores her commitment to treating every pet entrusted to her care with the same love and attention she showers upon her own. Never compromising on the well-being of her furry clients, she prioritizes their comfort and happiness above all else.

Building lasting relationships founded on trust and mutual respect is at the heart of Andrea’s approach. She endeavors to create a personalized and positive experience for each pet and their owner, ensuring every visit is met with tail wags and purrs of contentment. Welcome to Andrea’s grooming oasis, where your pet’s well-being always comes first.