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Hate fighting your cat to give them the routine maintenance care they need? Our local cat groomers are specially trained to care for cats of different breeds, fur lengths and temperaments – with their health and comfort being our number one priority. Grooming is not just a way to pamper your cat. It is a way to make sure they are healthy, happy and free of painful matting. Cat grooming is recommended every 6-12 weeks and is currently offered in the following Smoochie Pooch locations:

Chesterton, INFort Wayne, IN (North)Fort Wayne, IN (Southwest)Hobart, INPlymouth, IN – Portage, IN – Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Spa (Northwest IN)

Cat Grooming Packages

Cat Grooming Package

Massage & bath, blow dry, nail trimming, ear cleaning and brush out

basic cat grooming package, cat groomers near me

Cat Grooming Package

 Basic groom plus haircut

lion cut cat grooming complete package

All cats receiving a complete groom will be clipped prior to the bath.  If your cat will not tolerate the bath, they will not receive one.

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Additional Services

Blueberry Facial – Illuminates facial hair and provides a therapeutic experience for cats. 
Deshed Treatment – Specialty shampoo and conditioner treatment to loosen the dead undercoat. Extra brushing follows to remove the now-detached hair. 
Exfoliating Skin & Coat Detox – Three-step process which includes an exfoliating scrub, hydrating shampoo and deeply moisturizing conditioner. Helps to relieve dry skin and skin allergies.
Extra Scissoring – Extra trimming of hair beyond what’s included in the basic package. (This is already included in the complete package.)
Flea Treatment – Safe, non-toxic flea shampoo bath kills fleas on contact. This service is required if fleas are found.
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Cat Grooming near me, cat groomer near me, Smoochie Pooch Cat Grooming

Why Should I Have My Cat Professionally Groomed?

It really depends on what you believe your kitty needs, but here are some of the reasons we’ve encountered:

Our Cat Grooming Process

At Smoochie Pooch, a cat groomer comes out to personally meet with each pet and their owner. The groomer discusses the age and temperament of the feline to understand how to handle the cat in the best way. They next ask if the owner wants a shave, trim or just a bath and brush out. After getting the information they need, the cat groomer gives the pet owner a pick up time and brings the cat to their grooming station. 

First, the cat’s nails are trimmed. Then, if requested by the pet owner, shaving is done. Typically, the sanitary area and paw pads are shaved out (by request). The cat then receives a relaxing bath and shampoo followed by a drying session. 

When the hair is dry, the groomer trims the cat’s hair per the customer’s requests – either cutting length or trimming specific areas. The final step in the grooming process involves gently cleaning the cat’s ears with cotton and solution. 

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Is Professional Cat Grooming Worth It?

To put it simply, yes!

Our cat groomers are highly trained professionals that will pamper and care for your kitty once they step into our cat boutique or our Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Spa right at your door (mobile services available in Northwest, IN only). They know how to handle your pet to keep them calm even when wet. Our cat grooming process gives your cat a deeper clean than they can get on their own. It also helps your cat maintain a healthy, glossy coat to show off proudly while they strut around the house or neighborhood.

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Cleaning cat ears, cat ear cleaning, cat groomer, Smoochie Pooch pet groomer

Our Pet Stylists

Local Mobile Dog Groomers Indiana

Amanda Henry

Certified Feline Master Groomer & Certified Canine Esthetician 

Amanda has been grooming with Smoochie Pooch since 2018. She has always had pets in her life and currently has two Pitbulls (Drita & Kia), a Poodle (Bader) and a Siamese (Yon). When Amanda isn’t providing tail wags and smiles with her grooming skills and charm, you’ll find her hanging with friends, dancing, crafting and working in property management.

Ashley Wallace pet groomer pet stylist

Ashley Wallace

Pet Stylist

Ashley has been grooming since 2018. She joined our team in January 2022 because the management always looks out for their team and makes everyone feel like family. She has always had a passion for animals and loves that grooming helps her make all the fur babies feel good! Outside of work, Ashley likes to collect crystals, and spend quality time with her friends, family, and of course her Husky, Ace. She is currently CPR/ First Aid certified but hopes to accomplish more as she grows in her career! 

Tasha Sunday Smoochie Pooch Dog Groomer, Master Groomer, Pet Aesthetician, Southwest Fort Wayne Dog Groomer

Tasha Sunday

Nationally Certified Master Groomer & Certified Canine Esthetician

Tasha has been grooming since about 2014. Tasha’s love for her clients and their pets is what has propelled her to where she is today! She has found a home in Smoochie Pooch, where she can continue to learn and grow while taking the most amazing care of her human and furry clients.

Tasha does not keep it a secret that she never really had an intention of becoming a groomer, but a seemingly natural aptitude for it and being able to combine her love of dogs and learning has kept her engaged and constantly thriving.

When not at work, Tasha can be found with her family. They always seemed to be working on a project, traveling to new places and, though they are always on the move and it can be exhausting, she loves it! She also loves her two dogs, Stella and Maggie!

Tasha completed her Sporting Breed Certification with NDGAA, is an award-winning groomer and is also a Certified Canine Esthetician. She loves teaching new groomers and is continuing to work toward her Master Groomer Certification.

audri dvorscak smoochie pooch professional dog groomer

Audri Dvorscak

Pet Stylist

Audri started out as a bather and completed groomer training in 2021, constantly excelling in her education and in industry trade shows. She joined Smoochie Pooch in April 2023 to grow her skills; she was drawn to the company because she loves how organized the operations are and feels the position will set her up for success. She proudly volunteers with Giant Paw Prints Rescue and Begin Again Rescue, organizations which originally sparked her interest in learning to groom. Working with dogs has given her a sense of purpose. Audri is certified in Pet First Aid and CPR, and has taken K-9 behavior courses and vaccination courses. She has two dogs: a Lab/Rottweiler mix named Pepper and a Beagle/Chihuahua mix named Grogu.

Ericka West

Pet Stylist

Ericka started grooming in 2013 when she began working for her dad. Once she started, she quickly realized it was her passion. 
Ericka have two standard poodles, Henray and Rayne. They enjoy being outdoors. She also loves doing artwork in her free time.
To her, the most rewarding thing about grooming is seeing the transformation and building that bond with each pet.

Sarah Marcotte

Pet Stylist

Sarah started grooming through Pet Smart in 2013. Her first day at Smoochie Pooch was November 6, 2023. She wanted to work at this grooming salon because she was new to the area and Smoochie Pooch has a great local reputation. 

Outside of work Sarah enjoys cooking and kayaking with her husband. They have three dogs. Jeb is a Great Pyrenees mix, King is a pit and rottweiler mix and Dexter is a Coton de Tulear. 

Sarah’s favorite part about grooming is the artistic expression of grooming cats and dogs along with helping owners maintain happy and healthy pets. She says that she really enjoys grooming Westies and has a big soft spot for dachshunds.

Mikayla at Fort Wayne North

Mikayla Voris

Pet Stylist

Mikayla is a passionate groomer who embarked on her journey in 2021, honing her skills through education at Penn Foster. She has always had a deep-rooted desire to work with animals, as a kid she wanted to be a horse trainer. In adulthood Mikayla found grooming to be a perfect blend of creativity and purpose. She hopes to earn to develop her skills to be as good as Elli, our VP of Operations, who she considers a remarkable mentor and handler. 

Having previously worked in the veterinary industry, Mikayla understands the importance of helping animals in need. Her ultimate goal is to earn her Pet CPR certification, striving to provide the utmost care for her furry clients.

Mikayla’s favorite breeds to groom are Australian shepherds and Pomeranians. At home, she shares her life with a diverse fur family: three horses named Harley, Shah, and Cosmo, along with two dogs—Rhys, an Australian Shepherd, and Kenai, a Pomeranian—and a cat named Clarice. She loves hiking with her beloved dogs and horses

For Mikayla, every grooming session is an opportunity to ensure the well-being of your pet. She goes above and beyond to suggest personalized add-ons and packages, tailored to meet the specific needs of each furry friend. Mikayla advocates for treating dogs as they are—cherished members of the family—but emphasizes the importance of recognizing their unique emotional and mental needs. To her, it’s crucial to strike a balance between affection and understanding, allowing dogs to thrive in their own nature.