Could Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior Be Due to Boredom

Is Boredom the Reason behind Your Dog’s Destructive Behavior?

Your dog groomer in Valparaiso, Indiana often comments on how much energy your dog has and you’re always amazed at how much running they do when you visit the dog park. So, does it really come as a surprise that your dog may be dealing with boredom when they’re left alone?

If you’ve ever returned home and found that your dog has destroyed a shoe, your furniture or a pillow, try not to get too discouraged. A bored dog will resort to these destructive behaviors if they need more mental stimulation and physical activity. Take a deep breath, pay attention to what your pet is trying to tell you and then make a plan to ensure they get what they need.

How to Keep Your Dog from Becoming Bored at Home

You’ve found local dog grooming services, a veterinarian, and know where to buy their food and favorite treats, but have you made a plan for keeping your dog busy? In particular, young dogs and certain breeds need to burn off energy and keep their minds engaged, or else they’ll start to make negative choices.

Owners are usually concerned about the destructive behaviors boredom can bring, but you should recognize that boredom also typically indicates an unhappy dog, and nobody wants that! Keep reading for great ideas on how to keep your four-legged family member busy and happy.

Physical Exercise

If you tire out your dog, they are more likely to sleep when you’re out than to get into trouble. Ask your vet, your breeder or your local dog grooming service for advice on how much exercise your dog needs. Try heading to a local dog park and be sure to take varied routes around your neighborhood to give your dog a chance to explore different sights, sounds, and smells.

Mental Stimulation

Try out some puzzle toys and games. There are very exciting dog toys out there that include hidden squeakers or lift flaps as well as balls and cubes your dog must engage with to get at the treats inside. Also be sure to keep your pet’s regular appointments as it’s another great way to get social stimulation. A trip to the dog groomers in Valparaiso, Indiana can be quite the exciting day for your dog!

More Training

No doubt your dog already knows the basics but signing up for additional dog training class gives them an opportunity to learn tricks or practice agility. The regular classes will not only keep your dog busy, but also, you’ll both get some social time too. Look for a class that uses positive reinforcement, training, and focuses on teaching dogs how to learn and encourages their participation in the process.

Mealtime Games

Making your dog work for their food can be incredibly exciting for them. Consider putting their food in a slow feeder bowl or a food-releasing puzzle toy. Nearby dog groomers may have a selection of options they can recommend. For a simple solution, sprinkle your dog’s meal around the house or backyard and let them sniff for each piece.

While the ideas listed above are great places to start, in some cases hiring outside help may be the best option. From a dog walker or pet sitter, to a full day doggy daycare there are plenty of options worth considering.

Keeping Your Dog Happy and Healthy

There certainly is a lot that goes into keeping your dog happy and maintaining their overall health. If you’re looking for nearby dog groomers you can trust to keep your dog looking and feeling their best, contact Smoochie Pooch. Visit our Valparaiso location on Calumet Avenue or make an appointment at one of our other three convenient Northern Indiana locations. For those pet owners who prefer a mobile grooming service, we offer that too! Contact us to learn more about our services.