Preparing Your Puppy For Its First Grooming

“Where can I find pet grooming near me” is probably something you’ve wondered about with a new puppy at home. Your newest furry family member has probably already had a lot of firsts, and now the time has come for their first grooming experience. Once you know it’s time to find Fort Wayne dog grooming in your area, it’s important to do some research and find someone that will help your dog look and feel their best.

If you’re a new pet owner, understand that a trip to the groomer is more than just a fancy bath. You’ll want to be sure the location you choose can offer full services such as nail clipping, hair trimming or shaving, ear cleaning and can also handle any skin conditions or irritations. At our Smoochie Pooch Fort Wayne location, all of our groomers have been highly trained, which means your puppy will experience the five-star service you want them to have.

Pet Grooming Near Me That Welcomes Puppies

Your puppy’s first grooming appointment will go a long way in setting the stage for how they’ll feel about getting groomed going forward. If you want your puppy’s first visit to go as smoothly as possible, here’s what you need to know.

Do A Trial Run

Don’t let the puppy’s first time at the groomers be the first time they’ve seen a brush or nail clippers. Break out those tools at home so that they are a bit familiar with them and know what to expect. Use the opportunity to further bond with your new puppy and practice gentle touch with the brush. If they’re calm during at home grooming, be sure to reward them with a treat!

Don’t Wait Too Long To Schedule An Appointment

Don’t make the mistake of waiting until your puppy is six months of age or older before taking them for their first grooming. When looking for Fort Wayne dog grooming, find a groomer that will take puppies early. Younger puppies are easier to train, so as long as your pup has had all of their shots, it’s a good idea to take them for an initial session which can be kept short. Typically, the first puppy grooming will consist of:

  • Bathing
  • Light brush
  • Nail trim
  • Ear cleaning
  • Light trim around their face and paws

Give Them Their First Bath

Just like a baby, puppies need to learn that baths are safe and can be a pleasant experience. You should be the first one to give your pup a bath, not the groomer, so be sure to have bathed them at least once at home before their first appointment. Use warm water, gentle soap and speak to them in a calm and reassuring voice.

Your Puppy Will Love Their Smoochie Pooch Experience

Our Smoochie Pooch Fort Wayne location, and all of our Indiana salons, would be happy to welcome your puppy for their first grooming experience. We know that if approached the right way, your little furry friend can come to love their grooming experience, which helps to ensure their long-term health and happiness. To find out more about our services or to make an appointment, visit our website or give us a call at (219)-286-3608.