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Smoochie Pooch is the #1 pet salon providing dog grooming in Schererville. We pride ourselves on having a team of talented and passionate pet groomers who go out of their way to provide tailor-made solutions for each of our four-legged clients. Talk to us today to learn more! 

Why Does Smoochie Pooch Provide the Best Pet Grooming in Schererville?

We are not just your average dog grooming salon. We also provide premium services, from customized spa sessions to skin repair therapies. Smoochie Pooch cat and dog groomers are like no other. Besides being pet lovers and parents, they are committed to perfecting their skills through continuous training. All of our dog groomers are highly experienced in various breeds, sizes, and personalities as well. More than just dog grooming, they also work on establishing a relationship with each client. This way, your pets are more willing to return in the future. 

Does your furry friend need special attention or advanced medical care? With the assistance of our in-house veterinarian, we can detect issues and provide appropriate treatments for them as well. There is no need to keep looking for the “best dog groomers near me” or “top-rated dog grooming near me” because you’re already in the right place.


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Mobile Dog Grooming Schererville

If your dogs get anxious when traveling or you don’t have the extra time to drop off your furry friends at our pet grooming Schererville salon, Smoochie Pooch has you covered. Our special pet grooming van is fully equipped with all the tools and products we use in-store. Our dog groomers always make sure that everything is completely sanitized after every client.

Clean and fresh water is pumped into our efficient water heating system to soothe and relax your tense dogs. Since we provide them with individualized dog grooming, you can have the confidence that your pets are provided the level of care they deserve. Once done, our professional pet groomers deliver them right to your doorstep, feeling happy and healthy. We always make sure that the quality of our pet grooming and advanced care services are held to the same standards as our salons. 


Book the Best Dog Groomers “Near Me”

Smoochie Pooch is your reliable partner for pet grooming in Schererville. Our salon is specially designed to promote positive feelings and calmness in your scared or uneasy pets. Thanks to our highly-skilled pet groomers, you know that your four-legged buddies are in the hands of people they can trust.

Our dog grooming Schererville team is excited to work with your beloved furry friend in the near future! Call us today to schedule an appointment for your pets to experience the “most sought-after dog grooming near me.” 

Our Pet Stylists In Schererville, IN

Bekah Blaesing - Pet Stylist - Schererville Salon

Bekah Blaesing

Pet Stylist

Bekah has been a part of the Smoochie Pooch team since July of 2019 and has been in the grooming industry for 3 years. Although she loves to pamper and love your pups, she hopes to eventually get a Standard Poodle to pamper and love alongside her two cats Stormy and Clyde. When she is not grooming she loves to go to the lake to kayak and spend time with close friends and family. Bekah’s favorite part about being a groomer is that it is a constant learning experience, and she is always learning something new every day. She values her relationships with her clients and is so grateful to be able to meet new people and build relationships with them. 

Maria Reiff

Customer Service Rep

Meet Maria – Smoochie Pooch Schererville CSR

Maria Reiff - Customer Service Rep - Schererville Salon

304 W Lincoln Highway, Schererville IN, 46375

Monday – Friday:
8:00am – 4:00pm
Saturday and Sunday Closed.