Smoochie Pooch Crown Point

Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point, Indiana

Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point is your grooming destination, located in the Crown Plaza by Jewel. Smoochie Pooch takes great pride in treating each member of your fur family with care and concern for their health. Our highly trained staff ensures that every experience at Smoochie Pooch is a positive one.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch?

Many dogs and cats are stressed leaving their familiar surroundings and visiting a groomer. We go out of our way to create a soothing and safe environment that even the most anxious dogs will grow accustomed to. When you choose Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point, you are ensuring that your fur friend is with a team that is dedicated to improving their health and hygiene.

Our dog groomers receive extensive training in customer service and grooming techniques, making them the best in the industry.

Smoochie Pooch Crown Point
Dog Groomers in Crown Point Indiana

What If My Dog Has Special Skin Care Needs?

At Smoochie Pooch, we use high quality shampoos and conditioners. Our premium products enable us to provide care that covers a wide range of skin and coat health conditions. Our team has the knowledge and training to recommend the right products for your pet’s care.

Our products work for dogs and cats with fleas, unusual smells, sores, hair loss, and various other skin and coat conditions.

Each of our salons is equipped with an ozone bathing machine that aids in the healing process, assists arthritic pets, and also can provide just a relaxing spa treatment using a warm spa like bath environment with oxygen enriched water. Click here for more details.

Do You Offer Mobile Grooming?

Mobile grooming is available in the Crown Point and surrounding communities. Mobile grooming offers a convenient solution for busy families as well as individuals that are unable to traverse to one of our nearby salons.

Smoochie Pooch mobile grooming provides a one on one experience. Your pet and the groomer are together each visit in the van. There are no other dogs, cats, or people to create stress or anxiety.

The bonus is you never have a stinky dog or cat in your car, and if they are big, it is even better! We can accommodate even the largest of your pets.

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Come Visit Us in Crown Point, Indiana

Stop by and visit us at Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point, you will see the difference in our grooming environment, skill, and extensive training makes for your dog or cats health. Call us now To book your appointment with our Crown Point team.

Our Pet Stylist In Crown Point, IN

Holly Gargas

Pet Stylist

Holly has been grooming for four years and has been with Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point since 2017. If she’s not grooming and styling your pet, she keeps very busy with her husband (Jason) and two boys (Colton and Zane) as well as her pet family of a standard Poodle (Moonshine) and paint horse (Oakley). Holly’s favorite part about Smoochie Pooch is being excited and happy to go to work. Holly explained, “I love the relationship that I am able to become close with my customers.”

Crown Point Smoochie Pooch
Best Dog Groomers Crown Point

Caitlin Randolph

Pet Stylist and Smoochie Pooch Academy Instructor

Caitlin has been working with dogs for around seven years, grooming for the past three years, and is a lifelong pet lover. She brings passion and kindness to her clients that leave a smile on the parent’s face and tails wagging on their pets. She has four dogs of her own: a 7-year-old shih tzu (Charles), a 6-year-old American Bully (Juno), a 3-year-old miniature Golden Doodle (Indy), and a 5-month-old Husky mix puppy (Luna). When she’s not exercising her pack of dogs, she reads, journals, and practices calligraphy. 

Ashley Young

Pet Stylist

Ashley is a recent addition to the Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point family but has been grooming for five years. Even before that, she volunteered and took in animals. Currently Ashley has a grey cat (“Rosie”), a Dutch Shepard (“Bane”), and a standard American Eskimo (“Louise”). Her dog and family time is very important to her, but she also enjoys painting, being a film/horror/musical buff, and traveling. When asked about the favorite part of her job she responded, “My favorite is to meet new old dogs. I can’t resist a white face on an old dog. 

Best Dog Groomers in Crown Point

Bekah Blaesing

Pet Stylist

Bekah has been a part of the Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point team since July of 2019 and has been in the grooming industry for 3 years. Although she loves to pamper and love your pups, she hopes to eventually get a Standard Poodle to pamper and love alongside her two cats Stormy and Clyde. When she is not grooming she loves to go to the lake to kayak and spend time with close friends and family. Bekah’s favorite part about being a groomer is that it is a constant learning experience, and she is always learning something new every day. She values her relationships with her clients and is so grateful to be able to meet new people and build relationships with them. 


Pet Stylist

Theresa is new to our team, and we are so excited to have her! Theresa is a groomer in training and looks forward to becoming your favorite pet stylist. When at home she likes to take her dog Sofie for walks and loves taking her to the beach. If she could have any dog, she would have a German Shepard. So far, her favorite part of working at Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point would be learning so many new things and being able to see and work with cute dogs all day. 


Pet Stylist

Anika is new to our team, and we are so excited to have her here! Being a groomer in training she is excited to learn and eventually be able to pamper your pups. At home she pampers and loves her three dogs (Tigger, Princess and Storm) and 2 cats (Smokey and Hershey). When she is at home she likes to read, listen to music and watch movies. If she could have any dog, she would have a Cane Corso. Anika’s favorite part about working at Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point would be being able to work with all of the different breeds of dogs that come in and learning something new at every turn of the day. 

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