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Your pet is a happier and healthier companion when their needs are well taken care of. At Smoochie Pooch dog groomers in Southwest Fort Wayne, we take our role in your dog’s well-being seriously. We pull out all the stops to give them a grooming experience that leaves them feeling their best.

Whether you’re looking for a breed-specific trim for dogs, a professional cat grooming session, a quick nail trim or one of our other specialties, you’ll find quality care at Smoochie Pooch.

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Your Local Southwest Fort Wayne Dog Groomers

All of our pet groomers have certifications and specialty training to care for your four-legged friend and provide them with excellent service. We treat and pamper both cats and dogs, from puppies and kittens to elderly pets, at our Southwest location in Time Corners.

We always treat each pet with gentleness and love. Whether we’re bathing, blow-drying, trimming nails or cleaning ears, we’re ensuring all measures are taken to give your pets a comfortable, safe place to receive care.

Have an anxious pet? We’ll do our very best to take the extra time with your dog or cat to calm and sooth their anxiety and make their experience as welcoming as possible.

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What If My Pet Has Skin Conditions?

At Smoochie Pooch of Southwest Fort Wayne, we know your pet’s skin and coat are important for their immune system, proper hydration and nutrient storage. When choosing the right products, treatments and services for your pet, we consider their coat type, health conditions and allergies to ensure they’re receiving the best treatment possible.

We employ Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aestheticians, so you can rest assured we have the knowledge and training to handle your pet’s skin or coat ailments. Our best dog groomers will assess and manage your pet’s issues like sores, fur loss, odors, fleas, allergies and more.

How to Choose the Best Pet Grooming Services?

Our wide range of services, from dog or cat grooming packages to add-ons and additional services, makes our salon a local favorite among customers in Southwest Fort Wayne. Among other options, we specialize in ozone baths to relieve arthritis, deshedding treatments, nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts. 

We’re happy to perform a breed-specific trim or a trim specific to your preferences. Want us to use a specialty shampoo to restore damaged hair and skin? You got it! We always customize treatments to serve your pet best and give them the perfect experience designed just for them.

Learn more about our cat grooming and dog grooming services as well as the many additional services we offer.

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Our Reviews

Daniel KirbyDaniel Kirby
15:46 25 Mar 22
Tasha is GREAT! She gets the cut correct every time. Never any issues nor concerns about the well-being of my pet while in her care, and always prompt on time for our scheduled appointments.We apperciate her and applaud her sedulous efforts !
E VincentE Vincent
16:21 21 Jan 22
Loved that they were efficient and detailed oriented when cutting my little pups hair. They are all about customer service from beginning to end. Highly recommend!
Joel RossiJoel Rossi
14:43 04 Dec 21
Tasha Sunday does an amazing job with my dogs! When I take my girls to Tasha, I know they are in great hands. I highly recommend Tasha! She's the best!
Layla KellyLayla Kelly
18:22 03 Dec 21
Tasha is always so accommodating and sweet to our pup. Each and every time we have gone there our puppy looks adorable and smells so good! I highly recommend!
John WhitcraftJohn Whitcraft
13:21 03 Dec 21
Tasha is an amazing groomer!! She has taken care of all of our dogs for years now. Attentive to the dogs needs and always lets us know of any concerns she notices while grooming. Her love for canines is obvious. She's the best!!!

Our Pet Stylists in Southwest Fort Wayne

Tasha Sunday Smoochie Pooch Dog Groomer, Master Groomer, Pet Aesthetician, Southwest Fort Wayne Dog Groomer

Tasha Sunday

Nationally Certified Master Groomer & Certified Canine Esthetician

Tasha has been grooming since about 2014. Tasha’s love for her clients and their pets is what has propelled her to where she is today! She has found a home in Smoochie Pooch, where she can continue to learn and grow while taking the most amazing care of her human and furry clients.

Tasha does not keep it a secret that she never really had an intention of becoming a groomer, but a seemingly natural aptitude for it and being able to combine her love of dogs and learning has kept her engaged and constantly thriving.

When not at work, Tasha can be found with her family. They always seemed to be working on a project, traveling to new places and, though they are always on the move and it can be exhausting, she loves it! She also loves her two dogs, Stella and Maggie!

Tasha completed her Sporting Breed Certification with NDGAA, is an award-winning groomer and is also a Certified Canine Esthetician. She loves teaching new groomers and is continuing to work toward her Master Groomer Certification.

Emily dog groomer smoochie pooch

Emily Janiszewski

Pet Stylist

Emily began her grooming career in 2020 and is certified in Pet CPR. Her interest in grooming was sparked in high school when she had to choose an internship for a class. She started bathing and drying dogs at a grooming salon when she was 16 and quickly fell in love with the work.

Emily’s favorite breed to groom is pit bulls. She has a 2-year-old pit bull mix named Winnie, and they enjoy spending time together by going on walks, taking car rides, and sitting on the back patio.

Emily wants her customers to know that she is engaged and enjoys social outings with family and friends. She also loves to travel. As a child, she dreamed of becoming a zookeeper, and if she weren’t a groomer, she would likely be working as a zookeeper or a veterinarian.

One thing Emily wishes every customer knew about dog grooming is that it is a very challenging but rewarding career. She loves seeing all her fur babies’ faces and knowing that she can pamper them, which brings her great happiness.

Sydney at Fort Wayne Southwest location

Sydney Timm

Pet Stylist

Sydney began her pet grooming career in 2022 and holds several special certifications, including AKC S.A.F.E certification, PetTech CPR, and First Aid Certification. Her ultimate goal in the grooming industry is to become a competitive groomer and eventually earn her Masters Certification.

Sydney’s interest in grooming was sparked during her time working as a bather at a boarding and grooming facility. She later became the kennel manager and was fascinated by the transformations she witnessed after haircuts, which motivated her to learn the skill of grooming. She completed her training and received a Completion Certification from the Smoochie Pooch training program.

Sydney’s favorite breeds to groom are standard poodles and doodles. She has a Labradoodle named Kona and a standard poodle named Lucian. She loves spending time with them by hiking and exploring hidden gems in secluded, unpopulated areas.

Sydney wants her customers to know that she is a proud mother of two beautiful, strong-willed girls. As a child, she dreamed of growing up on a farm with retired racehorses and aspired to be a jockey or an equine veterinarian. If she weren’t a groomer, Sydney would be waitressing because she enjoys meeting and talking with people, getting to know them on a personal level—you never know who might need a friend!

One important thing Sydney wishes every customer knew about dog grooming is that it is not an easy task. It requires a lot of time and dedication, but being in the presence of man’s best friend makes it all worthwhile.

Katherine Dattilo dog groomer southwest fort wayn

Kat Dattilo

Pet Stylist

Kat started her grooming journey in 2007. She completed grooming school at the top of her class before continuing her training under two master groomers. She’s always wanted to work with animals, and loves to help dogs feel and look their best! Every dog she grooms feels like a part of her family, and she loves seeing a pup grow up into a happy, healthy dog.
Kat has two sons and a Standard Poodle named Mr. Pie. At home you might find her painting, out in the garden, whipping up something delicious, or playing games with friends.
She’s so excited to join the Smoochie Pooch team, go to seminars, learn new styles and become a master groomer herself! 
Melissa Fort Wayne Southwest Salon

Melissa Pink

Pet Stylist

Melissa embarked on her grooming journey in 2023 with a clear vision: to become certified and to continually expand her knowledge and skills. Her passion for working with dogs was kindled during childhood, spending time with her mother, a vet tech, at work. While working at a pet store, Melissa realized her calling as a groomer, although circumstances as a single parent prevented her from attending grooming academy at the time.

Among her favorite breeds to groom are the dramatic huskies, and she particularly enjoys working with larger dogs, including a variety of large doodles. Deshedding sessions hold a special place in her heart for their transformative results.

At home, Melissa shares her life with three cats—Tigger, Porthos, and Tinkerbell—alongside a gerbil named Meeko and a sand boa snake named Sasha. Beyond work, she cherishes spending time with her husband and daughter, engaging in activities like playing video games and going shopping together.

In her youth, Melissa aspired to become a veterinarian, but if not for grooming, she would likely pursue a career as a daycare teacher.

A key insight Melissa wishes to impart to her customers is the importance of maintaining a grooming schedule for their dogs. Consistency builds trust and familiarity, ensuring a smoother grooming experience for the pet and enhancing the overall quality of the groom. By establishing a routine, dogs become accustomed to the process, minimizing fear and discomfort during grooming sessions. 

Frequently asked questions

At Smoochie Pooch, you can choose from two grooming options. Our Complete Groom includes a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, and a full-body haircut. If you’re looking for something simpler, our Basic Groom includes bath, nail trim, ear clean, brush out, and trimming only of the face, feet, and potty areas. You also have the option of adding on additional services. 

The answer to this question really depends on the breed of your dog, their lifestyle, and sometimes their age. Ideally, all dogs should be groomed every six to eight weeks to support their overall health and avoid matting. Regular grooming is a proactive step towards ensuring healthy skin, nails, ears, and coat. 

Your dog should be booked in for a haircut if you notice their coat is looking dull and feeling overly oily or dry. Additionally, should you notice any tangles, mats, or hot spots or can smell an undesirable odor coming from their coat or fur, it’s time to make an appointment. 

A double-coated dog has an outer layer of thicker hair and a different undercoat of thin, lighter hair. While this is often breed-specific, our highly trained breeders can recognize coats of all types and then groom accordingly. Double coated dogs can require extra time and attention so that their undercoat is fully brushed and doesn’t develop mats. 

Prices are based on various factors such as breed, size, behavior, and condition of the coat. Clients also have the option of adding on additional services such as anal gland expression, shed relief, or deep conditioning. We can provide a quote over the phone and then provide a more accurate price at the time of your appointment. 

Dog grooming refers to the hygienic care and cleaning of a dog. While some dog grooming can be completed at home, professional dog grooming is done by trained professionals that know how to properly care for a dog’s coat, nails, ears, and skin. Dogs of all breeds benefit from regular professional grooming. 

Groomers have many tools that help keep dogs still during their appointment. As trained professionals, they know how to keep pets calm and comfortable, which helps dogs relax and move around less. In addition, our grooming tables have a non-slip surface, and a loop restraint (similar to a leash) may be used around a dog’s neck, if necessary. 

What happens during a dog grooming appointment will largely depend on the service you have booked. A basic groom will include a bath, nail trim, ear cleaning, brush out, and a hair trim around the face, feet, and potty areas. You can book a more complete groom as well as additional services such as toothbrushing or skin therapy. 

It’s important to keep your pet groomed for their own sanitation and hygiene. Not only will their physical appearance be improved, but they’ll avoid painful matting, overgrown nails, and other health complications. In addition, there are several studies that show that regular grooming can improve your dog’s mood and health. 

The average cost for a standard groom is approximately $65, but please note that there are so many variables that affect the price of grooming your dog. A dog’s size, its coat type, how long it’s been since its last groom, and many other factors go into the final price you may expect to pay for dog grooming.