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Your pet is a happier and healthier companion when their needs are well taken care of. At Smoochie Pooch dog groomers in Southwest Fort Wayne, we take our role in your dog’s well-being seriously. We pull out all the stops to give them a grooming experience that leaves them feeling their best.

We are committed and dedicated to your pet’s health and comfort. This is what continues to make us the top choice for dog grooming in Southwest Fort Wayne.

Your Local Southwest Fort Wayne Dog Groomers

We care about our shared community in Southwest Fort Wayne and about your dog’s specific needs. Your pet’s health and happiness is our passion.

Our team always makes sure we consult with you on the services you are looking for. We actively listen to each pet owner’s individual requests about pet grooming in Southwest Fort Wayne. Our teamworks together to look after your furry family member when they come into the grooming parlor. This is important to make sure we meet and exceed your expectations.

Before choosing the right products, treatments, and pet grooming services for your pet, we consider the following:

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What if My Pet Has Skin Conditions?

At Smoochie Pooch of Southwest Fort Wayne, we know that your dog or cat’s skin health can play a huge role in their happiness. Their skin and coat are important for their immune system, proper hydration, and nutrient storage.

We have stylists that are Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aestheticians. This means we have the knowledge and training to handle your pet’s skin or coat ailments. Our best dog groomers will assess and manage your pet’s issues, like:

The Iv San Bernard line of products that we use includes only natural ingredients. This is a commitment that aligns with our values to put your pet’s health first. If your cat or dog is dealing with skin issues or has specific needs, reach out to us. Our expert pet groomers are happy to help. 

Why Choose the Best Pet Grooming Services?

Your pet will have a consistent, calm, and happy grooming session with any one of Smoochie Pooch’s expertly trained Southwest Fort Wayne dog groomers.

The dog or cat grooming in Southwest Fort Wayne can include an ozone bath to relieve arthritis, trimmed nails, clean ears, and a breed-specific trim or a trim style of your preference.

We can customize our treatment to serve you best. This allows your pet to have the perfect experience designed just for them by the best groomers for cats and dogs in Southwest Fort Wayne.

Our entire team is dedicated to meeting your dog’s grooming and skin health needs. We always ensure an unparalleled experience, from start to finish. We are the best dog grooming services in Southwest Fort Wayne for a reason. Call us now to schedule your dog or cat’s appointment.

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Our Pet Stylists in Southwest Fort Wayne

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Lauren Hoffar

Pet Stylist

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Customer Service Rep

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