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Whether you’re looking in Florence for a breed-specific trim, a nourishing bath, a quick nail trim or another dog grooming specialty, you’ll find quality care for your dog at Smoochie Pooch.

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Our salon is conveniently located at the corner of US 42 & Pleasant Valley Rd. We are right by the UDF, BB&T bank, Poseidon’s Pizza and Zen Nails.

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Dog Grooming Services

Our wide range of services, from dog grooming packages to add-ons and additional services, makes our salon a local favorite among customers in Florence, Kentucky. Among other options, we specialize in deshed treatments, nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts. 

We’re happy to perform a breed-specific trim or a trim specific to your preferences. Want us to use a specialty shampoo to restore damaged hair and skin? You got it! We always customize treatments to serve your pet best and give them the perfect experience designed just for them.

Learn more about our dog grooming services as well as the many additional services we offer.

Dog Groomer Near Me in Florence Kentucky
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Your Local Florence, Kentucky Dog Groomers

All of our pet groomers have certifications and extensive training to care for your pet. We treat and pamper canines, from puppies to elderly dogs, at our Florence location.

We always treat each pet with gentleness and love. Whether we’re bathing, blow-drying, trimming nails or cleaning ears, we’re ensuring all measures are taken to give your pets a comfortable, safe place to receive care.

Have an anxious pet? We’ll do our very best to spend extra care to calm and sooth their anxiety and make their experience as welcoming as possible.

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How Do I Get a Pricing Estimate?

Please click here to fill out information about your pet so we can review your dog’s needs and your preferences. We will reach out to go over our grooming process, your quote and answer any questions as soon as we can.

How Long Does the Grooming Process Take?

Our pet-centered approach to grooming is focused around a fabulous experience that ends in an even more fabulous groom! We take the time before every appointment to discuss your preferences and pet’s needs so we can be sure to give them an amazing groom that you and they will love. Please allow for around 2-3 hours per pet appointment to allow us the time to take care of your pet with the kindness and gentle skill they deserve.

We try very hard to stick to three hours or less. With large or matted dogs, however, it may take a little longer to groom them safely and efficiently.

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pet grooming near me in florence ky

Will My Dog Be Caged?

Each dog is kept in a safe and sanitized personal kennel according to the AKC Safe Salon standards when they are not being groomed. This is not only to maintain a sanitary salon space, but for their safety as well as the safety of any other dogs in the salon at the same time. Each kennel is also outfitted with a clean and sanitized PawMat pad for their comfort. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, sanitary and comfortable space for all dogs on and off the grooming table.

Will My Dogs Come into Contact with Other Dogs?

Each pet is pampered with individual attention. Unless a family has multiple pets that come in together, all dogs will be separated.

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Deanna Binder

Pet Stylist 

Deanna’s grooming journey began in March 2000, marked by her certification from Paragone Dog Grooming Instructor. While her ultimate goal in the grooming world is to excel and be the best version of herself, her journey was inspired by a lifelong love for animals.

During her tenure in the airline industry, Deanna often found herself drawn to passengers’ pets, spending more time with them than their owners. This experience ignited her interest in dog grooming, leading her to pursue it fervently. Among the myriad breeds she has groomed, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel holds a special place in her heart.

At home, Deanna shares her life with three beloved pets: Sheldon Lee, a terrier mix, Penny Lane, a Chihuahua/Yorkie mix, and Roxy Lynn, a chiweenie—names inspired by characters from the popular show “Big Bang Theory.” Whether lounging in her rocking chair under a heated blanket or cruising in the car for a plain hamburger, her pets are her constant companions.

Described as fun, friendly, caring, entertaining, dependable, and knowledgeable, Deanna approaches her grooming duties with utmost dedication, treating every dog as if they were her own.

As a child, Deanna dreamt of becoming a fashion designer or a veterinarian. If not for grooming, she speculates she might still be entrenched in the airline industry.

Deanna wants her customers to understand that dog grooming isn’t all sunshine and roses. Unlike hair stylists, groomers contend with the challenges of potential bites, accidents, and runaway clients, all while managing copious amounts of fur. It’s a demanding profession that requires resilience and skill beyond what meets the eye.

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Lindsey Chandler

Pet Stylist 

Lindsey embarked on her grooming journey in 2018, driven by a desire for fulfillment during a job transition. Landing a position at a dog daycare, she swiftly transitioned into a grooming apprenticeship within a month, finding genuine joy in the craft ever since. Her passion extends particularly to senior dogs, although she cherishes grooming all breeds alike.

At home, Lindsey shares her life with an eclectic mix of animals: Bruno, her six-year-old shepherd/greyhound mix, Talisa, her 10-year-old pittie mix, Queenie, the nine-month-old basset hound, along with a leopard gecko and a bearded anole lizard. She and Bruno frequently explore the outdoors through hiking and camping, often with the entire family in tow.

For Lindsey, grooming is more than a profession; it’s a reflection of her deep love for animals, especially senior and ailing pets. Her dedication extends beyond the grooming table, evident in her wildlife-centered vacations, from swimming with pigs in the Bahamas to interacting with elephants and orangutans in Asia.

As a child, Lindsey aspired to become a veterinarian, a dream that evolved into an interest in private investigation, a goal she’s pursuing alongside her grooming career, supported by her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice.

Despite the physical and mental demands of grooming, Lindsey’s unwavering affection for dogs keeps her passionate and dedicated.

Allison at Florence Location

Allison Henke

Pet Stylist 

Allison began her grooming journey in the spring of 2022. She strives to improve and continue to do better at grooming which is something she enjoys. What sparked her interest in grooming is the fact that she has always been a dog lover and wanted to work with them in one way or another. When she was a kid she wanted to be a vet or a groomer. Originally, she didn’t think grooming was an option financially and instead enrolled in cosmetology school in 2007. She was a hairdresser for 13 years but was never truly happy and passionate about it. After taking a break to be a mom she started as a dog handler at a daycare/boarding facility. She saw an opportunity to go into grooming and took it. She loves it as much as she always knew she would and hasn’t looked back since. 

The bigger and fluffier the better when it comes to her favorite breeds to groom. Hank is a Newfoundland that she has been grooming for a while and he is the love of her life. 

Of course a dog lover has multiple dogs! Her five year old Rosie the Rottweiler and two year old Leki the golden retriever love to be outside and cuddling on the couch. Leki loves to play soccer in the backyard with her son and both love their car rides, especially when it’s to get pup cups. 

What Allison would like customers to know about her is that she is very open and present with her clients. She likes to have a positive effect on each and every dog that she gets to groom and love on them as if they were her own. She also wants customers to know that pet grooming is not as easy as people think it is but actually a lot of hard work.