Posh Puppy Dog Grooming is now Smoochie Pooch in Roanoke, IN

Smoochie Pooch Pet GROOMING
(Previously Posh Puppy)

Welcome, Posh Puppy clients, to the Smoochie Pooch family! Discover top-notch professional pet grooming services at our family-owned salon in Roanoke, Indiana. Our comprehensive range of pet care includes nail trimming, refreshing baths, specialized treatments, ear cleaning, breed-specific trims and so much more. Treat your furry friend to the care they deserve! 

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429 Seminary St
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Our salon is conveniently located on Seminary Street near Posey Hill Street and Fourth Street near downtown Roanoke. Located just minutes from Fort Wayne and Huntington, IN.

Posh Puppy is now Smoochie Pooch!

Posh Puppy has a new name: Smoochie Pooch! There will be some exciting changes to the salon over time, and we promise to provide you with the same excellent service you’re accustomed to – and with the same groomers! The staff who know your pet’s care regimen will continue to care and groom your dog. And our goal is to make the transition as smooth as possible for our customers, both human and animal. 

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Dog Grooming Services

Our wide range of services, from dog grooming packages to add-ons and additional services, makes our salon a local favorite among customers in Roanoke, Indiana. Among other options, we specialize in deshedding treatments, nail trimming, ear cleaning and haircuts. 

We’re happy to perform a breed-specific trim or a trim specific to your preferences. Want us to use a specialty shampoo to restore damaged hair and skin? You got it! We always customize treatments to serve your pet best and give them the perfect experience designed just for them.

Learn more about our dog grooming services as well as the many additional services we offer.

Your Local Roanoke, Indiana Dog Groomers

All of our pet groomers have certifications and extensive training to care for your pet. We treat and pamper canines, from puppies and to elderly dogs, at our Roanoke location.

We always treat each pet with gentleness and love. Whether we’re bathing, blow-drying, trimming nails or cleaning ears, we’re ensuring all measures are taken to give your pets a comfortable, safe place to receive care.

Have an anxious pet? We’ll do our very best to spend extra care to calm and sooth their anxiety and make their experience as welcoming as possible.

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How Do I Get a Pricing Estimate?

Please call (260) 673-0002 to speak with one of our team members. In order to provide you with a quote, we will need information about your pet including the breed and other information.

How Long Does the Grooming Process Take?

Our pet-centered approach to grooming is focused around a fabulous experience that ends in an even more fabulous groom! We take the time before every appointment to discuss your preferences and pet’s needs so we can be sure to give them an amazing groom that you and they will love. Please allow for around 2-3 hours per pet appointment to allow us the time to take care of your pet with the kindness and gentle skill they deserve.

We try very hard to stick to three hours or less. With large or matted dogs, however, it may take a little longer to groom them safely and efficiently.

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Will My Dog Be Caged?

Each dog is kept in a safe and sanitized personal kennel according to the AKC Safe Salon standards when they are not being groomed. This is not only to maintain a sanitary salon space, but for their safety as well as the safety of any other dogs in the salon at the same time. We pride ourselves on maintaining a safe, sanitary and comfortable space for all dogs on and off the grooming table.

Will My Dogs Come into Contact with Other Dogs?

Each pet is pampered with individual attention. Unless a family has multiple pets that come in together, all dogs will be separated.

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Kennedy from Roanoke Location

Kennedy Coleman

Pet Stylist

Kennedy began grooming in 2023 and hopes to earn more certifications to provide an even better grooming experience to her clients. She has always been passionate about animals, especially dogs. Canines have always piqued her interests and getting to work with them is a dream of hers since she can remember. As a kid she wanted to become a veterinarian but she is grateful that she became a groomer instead. Her favorite breeds to groom are Australian shepherds and golden retrievers as she loves to do desheds with a light trim, especially when she is shaping the round butts. 

She has a cat named Charlie. He is a gray short-haired domestic cat with big green eyes. Charlie is the best at cuddling with her after she gets home from work. It’s one of her favorite times of day! 

What Kennedy would like customers to know about her is that she will always strive to make their pets as comfortable as possible. Their fur babies are her fur babies when they are in her care. 

She also wants customers to know that brushing your dog is way more important than a lot of people think. If you have a long-haired breed you should always be maintaining their coat to keep them comfortable and healthy. Also, remember to do research before committing to a dog especially if it’s a groom dog which is most long-haired breeds. 


Chasity from Roanoke location

Chasity Waite

Pet Stylist

Chastity began grooming in 2009. She has been CPR and AKC certified in the past. She chose this career because she has always loved animals. Chastity became a bather first and learned how to groom. She has been doing it ever since! Her favorite breeds to groom are Shih Tzus and doodles. But she loves grooming anything with a fluffy coat. 

She has five pets at home. A pitbull named Two-Face, a yorkie mix named Charlee, a pit mix named June and 2 cats named River and Cubby. The dogs love to go for walks at the park and June loves her car rides. The whole family enjoys cuddling together. 

When Chasity was a kid she wanted to be a veterinarian and if she wasn’t grooming now she would probably be working with children or the elderly. 

Chastity loves her job and what she does. She take great pride in grooming and she always treats every dog as if it were her own. She loves developing a relationship with them! 

One thing she wishes every customer knew about dog grooming is how much it hurts when customers don’t take the time to acknowledge what the groomer teaches them. While the client entrusts the groomer to groom their furry companion, the groomer also gives the pet parent the knowledge they need to keep the grooming process easy for the pet and the groomer. 


Madelynn at Roanoke location

Madelynn Williams

Pet Stylist

Madelyn began her grooming journey in 2022 as a bather and transitioned to grooming in 2024. Her goal is to continue learning and growing within the industry. She chose grooming because of her passion for working with animals. As a child, Madelyn aspired to be a veterinarian but eventually realized that grooming was a better fit for her. Her love for grooming began when she shadowed a professional at a pet salon for a high school project and instantly fell in love with the work. She particularly enjoys grooming larger breeds.

Madelyn has a cat named Charlie, whom she rescued two years ago, and she looks forward to owning a dog someday. In her free time, she enjoys baking and going on hiking adventures whenever possible.

If Madelyn weren’t a groomer, she would pursue a career that allows her to showcase her baking and cooking skills.

One thing Madelyn wishes every customer knew about dog grooming is the significant amount of behind-the-scenes work involved.