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Valparaiso DOG GroomING

If you’re looking for best local dog grooming services in Valparaiso that will meet your every need, trust our team at the Smoochie Pooch grooming salon in Valparaiso, Indiana. Each grooming session is customized for your pet’s specific breed and skin or coat conditions. Check out our packages and additional services for info on bathing, blow-drying, nail trimming, ear cleaning, haircuts, trims, deshed therapies, specialized skin treatments and more.

Looking for cat grooming in Valparaiso? Our mobile pet grooming service conveniently brings a fully-equipped mobile grooming van to your home to groom both dogs and cats.

Smoochie Pooch Valparaiso Storefront - Dog grooming services

1615 North Calumet Ave,
Suite 200 E,
Valparaiso, IN 46383
(219) 286-3608

8:00am – 4:00pm

Saturday and Sunday Closed.

Our Valparaiso Dog Groomers

Smoochie Pooch dog groomers and pet stylists all have extensive training and certifications to ensure your pet receives safe, reliable care. We have the skills, knowledge and experience to work with all dog breeds, and we happily groom dogs of all ages from puppies to elderly dogs.

Some dogs experience anxiety in new environments, and our groomers are trained and ready to take extra time to comfort and calm scared or nervous animals. We strive to offer the best service possible and ensure your dog is comfortable, healthy and looking fabulous when they leave our salon.

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Consultation and Hands-on Assessment

Every dog is different, and it’s important to truly understand each pet before we begin a grooming service. Each grooming session begins with a pet assessment and client consultation to ensure each dog receives tailored care and owners know what to expect once the grooming appointment is complete.

Many dogs have allergies, skin issues or unique coat needs. If you have concerns regarding your dog’s skin health and hygiene, you may want to consider scheduling a free consultation specifically to discuss your pet’s unique condition. We’ll discuss treatment and spa therapy options available to target your dog’s needs.

Dog Grooming Packages and Services

After we assess your dog, our professional pet stylists bathe and massage your pet with shampoo and conditioner selected and mixed specifically for their needs. We utilize an array of Iv San Bernard products specially formulated for dogs.

After the bath, we dry your dog. Your pet’s ears will be covered gently with cloth we call the “happy hoodie” to aid the drying process and protect their ears from noise. All of our dryers have variable intensity settings to ensure we utilize the right pressure, purposely utilizing lower pressure for sensitive areas and nervous pets. 

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Dog Brushing, Nail Trimming and Ear Cleaning

Brushing is the next step in our grooming process. This step is fully dependent and customized based on your dog’s breed, coat type and condition. Our pet stylists utilize a large variety of dog brushes and combs specifically designed for various coats and steps in the process to ensure your pet is brushed properly and thoroughly.

Next, your dog’s nails are cut and filed. Dog nails are left without sharp edges, and Dremeling allows us to safely perform this task without cracking or splitting the nail.

Your dog’s ears are then gently cleaned utilizing cotton balls and special ear-cleaning solution. Ear hair can also be plucked or shaved out by request.

Haircuts, Trims and Finishing Touches

Whether it’s an overall haircut or just a few hairs trimmed here or there, our dog groomers will make sure your pet is looking great. Our pet stylists are trained in breed-specific haircuts for dogs and also take special requests if you have something a little different in mind. 

After your pet is styled to your liking, they’ll be freshened with a quick mist of cologne, fashioned with a bow or bandana, and sent home. If you’d like to skip the cologne, just let us know.

At this time, our Valparaiso salon does not offer hair color dyes or nail polish services.

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mobile dog grooming and cat grooming van in indiana

Mobile Pet Grooming in Valparaiso

Looking for cat grooming in Valparaiso? Have an anxious pet who would do better without the presence of other pets? Find it difficult to fit a trip to the grooming salon into your schedule?

Try out our mobile pet grooming service. Your dog or cat will receive one-on-one attention in our mobile grooming unit equipped with all of the same great tools and products we carry in our salons. 

Skip the trip – we’ll bring our grooming services to you! This service is great for busy pet owners who work from home or pets who hate car rides. Your pet will be groomed right there on the spot and returned fresh and clean right to your doorstep.

Our mobile grooming services are available to most residents in Lake and Porter Counties in Northwestern Indiana.

Where Can I Find Dog Grooming Near Me?

Smoochie Pooch offers dog grooming services at our salons in Carmel, Chesterton, Crown Point, Fort Wayne, Lowell, Plymouth, Portage, Schererville and Valpo.

Our mobile grooming vans service most of Lake and Porter Counties for both dog and cat grooming.

Our Pet Stylists In Valparaiso, IN

Heather Bogash - Pet Groomers in Valparaiso Indiana

Heather Bogash

Pet Stylist

Heather has grown up with all kinds of animals during her life and even started volunteering at a riding stable from eight years old all the way into her mid-twenties. She has a Mastiff/Pitt mix (Odin), a Chi-weenie (Elvira), an 18-year-old cat (Cleo), and a Uromastyx lizard (Zelda).

With eleven years of pet grooming experience, Heather brings a sense of care and expertise that is hard to come by and it shows in her work. When enjoying life away from the grooming table, Heather likes going to opening mics, live music, and meditation.

Theresa Mester, Pet Stylist, Dog Groomer, Smoochie Pooch Valparaiso, Best Dog Groomers in Valparaiso, Valpo dog groomer

Theresa Mester

Pet Stylist

Theresa is a graduate of our grooming training program. She has been working with us since 2020 and has done an amazing job! When at home she likes to take her dogs (Sofie and Sydney) for walks and loves taking them to the beach. 

Her favorite thing about working for Smoochie Pooch is getting to learn new things and continue her education as well as being able to see and work with adorable dogs all day long! 

Macie Rollo, Pet Stylist, Pet Groomer, Smoochie Pooch Valparaiso, Smoochie Pooch Valpo

Macie Rollo

Pet Stylist
Macie is a graduate of our groomer training program and has been with us since March 2022. She has worked in many different professions, but being around animals brings out the best in her. She wanted to be a groomer because she loves making dogs feel safe and comfortable while she makes them beautiful.
When she’s not at work you can find her at a yoga class or seeing live music with her husband. She also enjoys thrifting, arts and crafts, and being outdoors. She has two cats, Mando and Tweedy, a bearded dragon, Falkor, and a betta fish, Captain Fantasy. She is so excited to continue learning, forming bonds with all the fur babies, and getting all the sloppy kisses!
Mariah at Valparaiso location

Mariah Moes

Pet Stylist

Mariah began her grooming career in February 2013 and is known as a gypsy groomer. She has had the privilege of working alongside Master Groomers and industry-trained, certified pet groomers, all of whom have generously shared their experience and knowledge, helping her hone her skill set. Mariah’s grooming goal is to provide each pup with a genuine spa experience, ensuring they feel confident and look forward to their regular grooms, knowing they’ll leave looking and feeling better.

Her journey into grooming began when she was mesmerized by a groomer hand-scissoring fur at a boarding/grooming shop where she worked. Naturally creative, Mariah found grooming to be the perfect blend of artistic expression and her love for animals. Whether she grooms dogs for the rest of her life or not, she believes this is a skill worth mastering.

Mariah’s favorite breeds to groom include Shih Tzus, Yorkies, and Doodles. She has a short-haired mutt of a cat named Felix the Cat, and outside of work, she enjoys cuddling with Felix or basking in the sunlight in her yard.

Mariah wants her customers to know that she is completely focused on the comfort and care of their pets, ensuring they walk out feeling proud of how they look and feel. If she weren’t a groomer, Mariah would pursue a career in the culinary arts because she loves cooking. Interestingly, as a child, she aspired to be an astronaut.

One essential tip Mariah shares with her customers and fellow pet stylists is the importance of regular baths and massages for dogs. Just like humans, our furry best friends can experience muscle strain, and a good bath with a massage is vital for their well-being.

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