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Smoochie Pooch is top dog groomers in Auburn IN

Smoochie Pooch of Chesterton, Indiana

Are you looking for the ‘most reliable dog groomers near me’ or ‘best dog grooming near me’? Smoochie Pooch is your pet grooming destination in Chesterton. Our highly-skilled pet groomers and staff are committed to providing the best services to treat and pamper your four-legged friends. 

Why Partner-up with Smoochie Pooch for Pet Grooming in Chesterton?

Many cats and dogs stress about leaving their homes and going to unfamiliar places with strangers. This is why our pet grooming team goes out of their way to comfort and assist your pets despite being a bit tricky to console. Since our dog groomers are pet parents themselves, they understand how hard it must be for you to leave your extended family members in the hands of other people. Because of this, Smoochie Pooch pet groomers always strive to give your pets the love, attention, and care they deserve.

Moreover, our pet grooming Chesterton salon is specially designed for your pets to relax in. The place is regularly maintained and sanitized to create a calming environment for your pets. 


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Advanced Dog Grooming in Chesterton for Pets with Special Skin Care Needs

Most dog groomers near me only provide regular bathing, nail cutting, teeth brushing, and hair trimming. At Smoochie Pooch, we take pride in having a pet grooming team that has undergone intensive training in advanced pet care services. Alongside our in-house veterinarian, they identify skin and coat health issues that your pets currently have or will potentially have in the future if not prevented. They will also recommend specific treatments and products for them.

Our cat and dog grooming Chesterton salon is equipped with a special ozone bathing machine that alleviates arthritis pain, soothes muscles, reduces skin irritation, and helps your pets feel peaceful and calm. 


Mobile Pet Grooming in Chesterton

Do your pets get super anxious when traveling to dog grooming salons? Do you have a busy lifestyle but also want the best for your furry friends? Can’t seem to get a hold of the ‘best dog groomers near me’? Worry no more because Smoochie Pooch is bringing the dog grooming to you! Our pet grooming Chesterton van is complete with all the products, tools, and machines that we use in-house. Here, your pets receive one-on-one attention, making it ideal for those that get nervous when surrounded by other dogs or cats. Once they are done, our dog groomers return them to your doorstep, happy and clean!

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Visit Your Trusted Dog Grooming Near Me

We are not just your average salon that offers standard dog grooming near me. Smoochie Pooch provides the best-rated cat and dog grooming in Chesterton that are tailored to suit their specific needs. No matter the size or skin condition of your pets, our dog groomers will surely do their best to give them the appropriate treatments while establishing a friendly relationship with them. In doing so, your furry friends will be more willing to return for more dog grooming in the future.

Are you ready to book the best pet groomers in Chesterton? Call us today to get started.