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TOP-NOTCH Dog Grooming in Huntertown

Smoochie Pooch provides top-notch dog grooming in Huntertown. We take pride in offering pet grooming services that improve the overall health and well-being of your extended family members. Our highly experienced pet groomers and staff ensure every experience at Smoochie Pooch is nothing but exceptional and unforgettable. 

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch?

Pet owners only want the best for their beloved furry friends. It’s no wonder that looking for reliable dog groomers in Huntertown is a common struggle for many of them. At Smoochie Pooch, you can have the confidence in our professional dog groomers to go out of their way to ensure that your pets receive the same level of love and concern as if they were their own. Smoochie Pooch dog groomers receive extensive training in pet grooming techniques for different breeds and conditions, as well as customer service. Are you looking for ‘dog groomers near me’ who are Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aesthetician’? Smoochie Pooch has them too!

As your trusted provider of dog grooming in Huntertown, we also make sure that your pets are comfortable and cozy while inside our salons. Our place is regularly disinfected to prevent diseases from spreading from one pet to another. Our pet grooming salon is also fully equipped with the best facilities, tools, and products that are carefully selected to suit each pet. 


Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Grooming
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Dog Grooming Services for Pets with Special Needs

  • Basic cat and dog grooming: All furry pets are different. That’s why we offer a wide range of essential cat and dog grooming services to get them into tip-top shape.
  • Spa therapies: If you’re looking for something more special than your average pet grooming Huntertown, opt for spa therapies. With these, you can pamper your beloved pets with spa treatments that are customized according to their needs.
  • Hydro-massage ozone spa: This is not your average ‘dog grooming near me’. Smoochie Pooch proudly announces our advanced skin therapy service. This provides viral inactivation, bacterial disinfection, and more.
  • Shed relief system: This reduces 60-80% of shedding and allergens that affect your dogs’ coat and skin’s health. Our three-step process removes dead undercoat and promotes deshedding that subsides within 24-48 hours.
  • Exfoliating Skin & Coat Detox: Our dog groomers use SLS free products that are fantastic for all coat types. The main ingredients are keratin, which deeply nourishes the coat and protects the skin and nettle, which treats eczema and hives.
  • Teeth brushing: Maintaining your pets’ oral health has a significant impact on their overall wellness. It’s the reason why our dog grooming Huntertown team painstakingly removes as much plaque and bacteria in your pets’ mouths to prevent serious health concerns from arising. But if you don’t want our pet groomers to do the job next time, you can opt for our take-home kits as well.
  • Puppy package: Smoochie Pooch specializes in taking care of your little ones as well. This special dog grooming Huntertown package is ideal for puppies between 3-5 months old or those breeds which need regular grooming and coat maintenance.
  • Skin repair therapy: Are you looking for ‘dog grooming near me’ that also offers advanced care for pets? Whether it is chronic allergies or skin flakiness, Smoochie Pooch pet grooming Huntertown has the perfect solution for that. These are diagnosed and treated in collaboration with our in-house veterinarian. 

A Relaxing Salon for Pet Grooming in Huntertown

We want the entire dog grooming experience to be nothing but positive and peaceful for your pets. This is why our pet grooming Huntertown salon is specifically decorated to have a cozy, clean, and comfortable ambiance. Our pet groomers and staff are trained to assist anxious and agitated pets in the most loving manner. This way, your pets will come home happy and healthy. Plus, they will be more willing to return to us in the future. 

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Mobile Pet Grooming Huntertown

Don’t have time to visit our dog grooming salon? Is your dog anxious about traveling and being left with other hounds? Can’t find a ‘reliable dog groomers near me’? Worry no more because Smoochie Pooch will come to you! There is no need to keep searching for the ‘best dog grooming near me’ or ‘reliable dog groomers near me’ because we are here to help.

Our fully equipped pet grooming van has the same level of services as our regular pet grooming Huntertown salon but with more convenience on your end and more individualized attention for your pets. Our pet groomers take roughly 60-75 minutes to complete each session. Once done, we will deliver your pets to your doorstep, looking and feeling their best.

Make an Appointment with the Best Pet Groomers in Huntertown

Smoochie Pooch is your go-to place for ‘dog grooming near me’. Every time you visit our salon, you can request to have the same dog groomers as your last visit. This allows us to develop a trusted and long-lasting relationship with your pets, making the whole dog grooming process a lot easier for both parties.

Don’t settle for anything less than what your furry friends deserve. Choose the best dog grooming in Huntertown. Book a service today

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