10 Fun Games To Play With Your Dog This Summer

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Warmer weather can serve as a reminder to book your dog’s appointment for pet grooming, but it also presents a great invitation to get outside and enjoy all that summer has to offer. When you’re making your summer plans this year, don’t forget to include some outdoor fun for your dog too!

Outdoor play is a great way to tire out your pet, bond with them, and infuse some joy into both of your lives. Whether you live near water, the beach or have a great backyard space, there are plenty of games you can play with your dog to make the most of the time off you have together over the summer.

Get Outside and Try These Games with Your Dog

Smoochie Pooch dog grooming loves to see pets and their owners making the most of their time together. Whether you’ve been enjoying summers with your dog for years or you’ve recently welcomed a new puppy, playing will prove to be a mood booster for the whole family.

A reminder that because summer play can involve sand and water, be sure to keep those regular pet grooming appointments to keep your dog’s skin and coat in great condition. Smoochie Pooch has four locations across Northern Indiana and also offers mobile dog grooming for added convenience.

Ready to play?

1. Hurdles. Set up some small obstacles in your yard and encourage your dog to jump over them and follow the course.

2. Hide and seek. Grab one of your dog’s favorite toys and go hide it outside. Bring the dog out and tell them to find the toy.

3. Treat hunt. Gather some treats or treat stuffed toys and hide them around your backyard. Then invite your dog outside and watch them sniff their way to the rewards.

4. Tug of war. This is a great game to help release inner aggression and to teach your dog how to take it and to let go when directed.

5. Name game. Start off with just one or two of your dog’s favorite toys and give them each a name. Call out the name of each toy, and be sure to keep it basic. Then, call out one of the toys by name and throw it so he can retrieve it.

6. Simon says. This is an ideal game for dogs who already know basic commands like sit, stay, down, roll over, and shake. Grab some treats and test your dog on their ability to understand a sequence of commands. Pet grooming that cleans and trims their ears will be essential so they can properly hear all those commands!

7. Round we go. This game is perfect for the whole family to enjoy. Every member sits around the yard with a handful of treats. Every person takes turns calling out the dog’s name and every time the dog comes to the right person, reward them with treats and praise.

8. Frisbee throw. Catching a Frisbee takes agility and concentration. To start, roll the Frisbee on the ground for them to chase, then start throwing it low, and finally see how high they can jump to catch it!

9. Drop it in place. Grab an empty box or a hula hoop and your dog’s favorite ball. Drop the ball into the basket or hoop while saying “drop.” Now it’s your dog’s turn. Every time they drop it into the right place when you say “drop,” reward them for their great work.

10. Red light, green light. All players, both people and dogs, spread out in an open space. Instead of saying “red light” and “green light,” the words for the game would be “come” and “stay”.

Smoochie Pooch Dog Grooming Will Keep Them Happy and Healthy All Summer Long

Whether it’s mobile dog grooming or a salon appointment you’re looking for, Smoochie Pooch can help. Our highly trained groomers know how to keep your dog’s skin and coat in excellent condition allowing them to thrive all summer long. With a wide range of grooming services and in depth knowledge of the needs of different breeds, trust our team to help your furry companion look and feel their best. Make an appointment today at our Fort Wayne, Crown Point, Portage or Valparaiso locations and then get planning your best summer yet!