Getting A New Pup? Introduction Tips for Meeting the Family

Dog Grooming Introduction Tips Smoochie-Pooch

Smoochie Pooch dog grooming loves hearing from excited families who have recently welcomed a new puppy. While you want to make sure you have the right supplies to make your pup comfortable and that you have researched dog services you may need, it’s also important to give some thought to how you’ll integrate the puppy into your family.

Even if everyone is excited for your furry family member’s arrival, once they’ve been brought home, it can take a while for everyone to warm up to each other. It can be overwhelming for the puppy but also for young children or any other pets living in your home.

Tips for Helping Your New Puppy Feel Welcome At Home

Before your puppy makes their grand arrival, remind everyone at home to be patient and to start with quiet and calm interactions. It’s best to go slow and see how the puppy reacts to their new surroundings before overwhelming them with lots of new scents and faces.

Smoochie Pooch is sharing some helpful tips to support a smooth transition for both your new puppy and everyone in your family. And when you’re ready, Smoochie Pooch dog grooming would be happy to help you book an appointment for your new pup!

  • Before your children meet their new puppy, have lots of conversations about how dogs are living things that have feelings just like they do. Dogs can feel nervous, scared or unsure, so children need to be very gentle and should avoid making loud noises.
  • Have children sit on the floor to meet the puppy, this will help the dog feel more secure.
  • Allow children to give the puppy treats in order to encourage the dog to develop positive associations towards the kids in the home.
  • For older children, get their help in caring for the new family pet. From feeding and walking the puppy, to asking them to search ‘dog grooming near me’ and making a list of options, get them involved as much as you can.
  • If you have another dog at home, make the introduction to the new puppy while both dogs are on a leash. If possible, try making the introduction outside of your home, in a more neutral setting.
  • If you have a cat at home, it’s best to keep them separate at first and let them observe each other through a gate or a glass door. When you do introduce them, keep the puppy on a leash so they can’t chase the cat.
  • Don’t leave a puppy unsupervised with your children or other pets until you’re sure they’re all comfortable with each other.
  • Have dog services like a veterinarian or dog walker, if needed, selected ahead of time. This is one less thing to do once your new puppy is home, allowing you to focus your attention on their needs.

Meeting new people and new animals will be very tiring for your new puppy. Give them lots of short opportunities to interact, followed by lots of praise when things go well. If they show any signs of nervousness or seem uncomfortable, give them some quiet time and then try again.

Where to Find Dog Grooming Near Me for My New Puppy

At Smoochie Pooch, we have plenty of experience grooming new puppies. Our team will do an excellent job at making you and your new puppy feel welcome in any one of our Northern Indiana locations. With so many new experiences, let us take care of making sure your puppy feels comfortable and safe during their first groom. As soon as your new furry friend has had their shots, give us a call at (219) 286 3608 to make an appointment. We look forward to helping your puppy build a lifelong love of grooming!