Can Dogs Sense Emotions?

Dogs have long been considered a cherished part of the family. From finding the best Portage dog grooming salon to ensuring they have the right diet to keep them healthy and strong, pet owners do what they can to give their dogs a good life.

But did you know that it’s been scientifically proven that dogs can sense our moods and emotions? They seem to possess a special gift when it comes to understanding how we’re feeling. As such, even if you aim to do the best for your dog, be mindful of the fact that when you’re feeling angry, upset, scared, or frustrated, they’ll be impacted by those emotions too.

Understanding How Your Pet Processes Your Emotions

Ever noticed that if you get excited when the local mobile dog groomers pull up to your house that your pet will get excited too? It’s not only the expression on your face but your tone of voice that allows dogs to decipher your mood.

Today, Smoochie Pooch is sharing some interesting facts that help explain how dogs process our emotions:

  • Dogs can distinguish positive sounds like laughing, as well as negative sounds like crying. Negative sounds upset and arouse a dog more than positive ones.
  • It is believed that the ability to combine both sound and visual emotional cues is inherent to dogs. Because they are a highly social species, detecting emotions in humans has helped them become ideally domesticated over generations.
  • When dogs hear your emotional distress, whether you need help or are exhibiting sadness, virtual credit card they are inclined to help, and it raises their stress level if they can’t get to you to provide comfort.
  • Because dogs are pack animals, they are more inclined to pick up on their family’s emotions (their pack) since they are driven to protect and stay loyal to those in their tight-knit group.
  • Dogs are also great observers, much better than people are. Dogs combine visual cues and the more primitive senses of smell, touch, and hearing and pick up on humans’ emotions.

When choosing a boarding facility, a vet, or local mobile dog groomers, it’s important to choose a place that feels relaxed and where the staff is happy and kind during all your interactions. As you can see, your pet will pick up on negative energy, and it will most certainly impact their experience and possibly even their health. At Smoochie Pooch, we’ll always help your pet to feel at ease and know how to interact with them so that they understand we’re happy to see them at every visit!

Find Portage Dog Grooming That Understands Your Pet

Just as pets work hard to understand what you might be going through, humans owe it to them to know what’s going through their minds too. When you choose Smoochie Pooch as your local cat or dog groomer, you can feel confident knowing that we take the time to get to know your pet and work to meet their emotional needs in addition to their hygienic needs. With a location in Portage, three other Indiana locations, and our mobile grooming service, we know that we can take care of all of your pet’s needs and deliver them back to you feeling happy, safe, and clean. Make an appointment with us for pet grooming today!