Watery Eyes in Dogs: Common Questions Answered

Have you ever noticed that your dog’s eyes can sometimes seem a bit watery? As a pet owner, it’s important to be aware of dog eye discharge causes and treatments so that you can deal with any issues as they arise.

There is no one cause when it comes to a dog’s eye issues. External irritants or internal health concerns can cause watery eyes. Eye discharge in dogs can be hard to pinpoint as it may show up in several different ways such as tears, puss, or mucus and can vary in color.

Eye Discharge in Dogs – What to Look For

The color of discharge can be your first clue as to what might be causing your dog’s eye concerns. Watery eyes in dogs can look concerning, but if the discharge is clear, you’re typically only dealing with an allergen or something small that may have gotten stuck and caused some irritation. If your dog is experiencing clear discharge only, you should monitor it, but it’s usually nothing you need to worry too much about.

However, if your dog begins to show signs of mucus that is green or yellow, it’s time to book an appointment and visit their veterinarian as they could have an infection. In addition to colored mucus, other symptoms you may notice if your dog has watery eyes can include:

  • Swelling around the eyes.
  • Eyes red in color.
  • Squinting or trying to keep one eye closed.
  • Pawing or trying to scratch their eyes.
  • Odor coming from the eye area.

Dog Eye Discharge Causes and Treatments

As mentioned, watery eyes in dogs are often caused by allergies or when something gets stuck in the eye, but here are some other causes to be aware of.

  • Conjunctivitis. This occurs when there is an inflammation of the inner lining of your dog’s eye, most commonly caused by infection.
  • Ingrown hair around their eyes or eyelashes.
  • Glaucoma.
  • Corneal tumor.
  • Dry eyes occur when there are not enough natural tears, resulting in a clear mucus discharge.

As with most medical concerns, treatment for watery eyes will depend on the diagnosis since there is such a wide variety of causes. The most important takeaway is to ensure you have your dog assessed if you have any real concerns about their eye health.

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