Why Dog Grooming is a Growing Industry?

The American Pet Products Association says over 80 million American households now have at least one pet. That’s more than 2 out of 3 families in the US have a pet at home! It’s no surprise then that the dog grooming industry is enjoying booming growth. But it’s not just that there are more significant numbers of pets; modern lifestyles and smaller living spaces have made professional pet grooming an integral part of pet ownership. Keep reading and find out why dog grooming has become such a lucrative and long term career option.

At Smoochie Pooch, our dog grooming apprenticeship program is taught by award-winning, certified instructors.

Higher Service Standards

Dog grooming has roots in what was once a disorganized and casual sector of the economy. Groomers were often just animal lovers, hobbyists who liked to take care of animals. Since its beginning, grooming has grown into something much more than that. As professionals have set higher standards throughout the years, the need for education in grooming has become apparent. Dog grooming apprenticeships have provided a way to pass on industry knowledge to help newer generations start at a better knowledgebase than those that came before them.

Skill and Ability of Groomers Recognized

Pet grooming courses are highly educational, and grooming apprentices learn how to handle pets professionally. Their ability to impart exceptional results time after time, handle pets safely, and act as consummate professionals has been recognized by pet owners and commercial pet handlers alike.

Rising Demand from Creative Industries

Animals have long been popular in film, TV, and advertising, and there is an active hunt for talent to groom and prepare animals for filming. As the number of creative groomers rises, so does the use of animals in creative industries. Getting repeatable results is achievable only after completing well-planned pet grooming apprenticeship programs that teach technical skills.

The Resurgence of Pet Shows

Pet shows are growing in popularity once again (possibly due to rising pet ownership). Pet owners look for accredited dog grooming training before selecting groomers. Top-level groomers command a high premium and a strong fan-following.

Achieving Influencer Status

Virtually everyone with a pet fancies themselves as an Instagram influencer or the next YouTube sensation. Getting the flouncy coat is no mean feat, and professional groomers with dog grooming training can bring the “star power” owners want for their pets.

Why are more pet owners turning to professional groomers today?

Unsurprisingly, one of the main reasons why the pet grooming industry is growing so rapidly is that ordinary pet owners and animal lovers trust professional groomers. Qualified groomers are appreciated as experienced professionals who can advise on the health and well-being of a pet. Also:

  • People don’t have the space for bathing their pets comfortably.
  • Parents prefer professionally groomed pets to keep children safe from infection.
  • Dogs are social animals and enjoy the social setting of a grooming salon.

Join a Dog Grooming Apprentice Program of Study That Becomes a Career

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