Is the Weather Affecting Your Dog’s Mood?

One of the things you probably love most about your dog is their distinct personality. For example, when you book your appointment for dog grooming in Valparaiso, you can likely already predict how they’ll react when you walk them through the door.

Just as certain situations can affect their mood, your dog’s disposition can also be affected by the weather. Since every dog is unique, it should come as no surprise that the world around them influences how they feel, just as it does for people.

How the Weather Can Impact Your Dog And What You Can Do To Help

If you’ve noticed changes in your dog’s mood based on the weather patterns, you’re not alone. It’s common for pet’s to react to different temperatures and environmental cues, but there are things you can do to help reduce anxiety or discomfort they may be feeling. If you are concerned about lethargy or a loss of energy that feels extreme, contact your veterinarian.

Even if your pet loves a good dog wash, that doesn’t mean they’ll love the rain! Keep reading to find out how common weather patterns may affect your dog’s mood and how you can help.

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  • Lighting and thunder can release stress hormones in dogs causing them to bark, shake, hide, pant, or even whimper.
  • Low pressure systems and a dip in barometric pressure can cause dogs to run away to find shelter, become agitate due to fear of strong winds, or become overly curious with excessive sniffing due to the wind change that brings in so many new smells.
  • In the case of high temperatures, many dogs will eat less and become less active. Some dog breeds will even exert their unhappiness about the heat by refusing to go for a walk.
  • Dogs that have short snouts may experience difficulty breathing in extreme heat.
  • Senior dogs or dogs with thyroid conditions may not be able to tolerate very cold weather.

When your dog is affected by the weather, do what you can to help them feel safe and secure.

  • Ask your veterinarian about anxiety reducing options if your pet has a really hard time during rain storms, thunder or lightning.
  • Be sure to book dog grooming in Valparaiso regularly so that your pet doesn’t become overheated in warmer months due to an unkempt coat. Regular grooming can also help stop over licking which can be a symptom of anxiety they may feel related to weather changes.
  • In extreme heat, avoid heatstroke by limiting their walks to short distances.
  • While it may occur to you to keep your dog hydrated during hot temperatures, anxiety from any kind of weather change can make them pant more than usual. Always make sure water is available.
  • Cooling mats and kiddie pools can be great for dogs who are adversely impacted by heat.
  • Do not ever leave your dog unattended in a hot car.
  • If your dog experiences trauma from storms, try not to leave them home alone when you know a storm is on the way.

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