5 Surprising Facts About Dog Grooming

Dog Grooming in Fort Wayne

Dogs offer so much love and affection that it’s nice to pay them back by taking care of them as best we can. Professional dog grooming in Fort Wayne can really improve their health and overall well-being, which is why it’s so important to find a groomer you trust.

The right groomer will have experience grooming different types of breeds, use quality products on your dog’s coat and skin and have the right demeanor to calmly and happily welcome your pet at every appointment.

Dog Groomers Have an Important Job

Whether your pup often heads out for doggy playdates or a hike in the woods is more their speed, having their grooming needs taken care of will allow them to enjoy their activities that much more.

While you may think you know enough about pet grooming, these interesting facts will help you understand the important role dog grooming in Fort Wayne can play for your pet.

1. Dogs with fur have different grooming needs than dogs with hair

While many dogs have fur that grows and sheds regularly, other breeds have hair that doesn’t shed at all. This means that each dog can have unique grooming needs that require attention in order to support healthy new growth and to prevent matting. Dog groomers know all about the different growth patterns of hair and fur and can handle brushing and cutting appropriately.

2. Nail and ear maintenance are not just cosmetic

Many customers think that a grooming appointment is just about getting a haircut. However, grooming services are much more than that. Cleaning and trimming nails and ears help keep unwanted bacteria and infections away.

3. Grooming helps with temperature regulation

Having your pet look great for their next doggy playdate is nice, but did you know that regular dog grooming helps your pet regulate its temperature? Excess fur makes it harder for them to cool down. In addition, should they have any mats in their fur, this makes regulation that much harder.

4. Not all dogs need the same services

Depending on your type of dog and any issues they may have with their skin, the recommended grooming services will vary. From deep hydration to shed relief, dog groomers can suggest specific services that will really help your pet thrive.

5. Dog grooming is a physical job

Your groomer likely stands on their feet most of the day and is actively moving around to properly groom different areas of your dog. While they chose the job because they love working with animals, most people don’t realize how physically demanding grooming can be.

Find Dog Grooming in Fort Wayne

If you’re looking for a professional grooming experience for your dog, Smoochie Pooch can help. With in-salon and mobile grooming services  offered for Fort Wayne area pets, we can provide the type of care and attention you want for your furry family member. To learn more about our trained dog groomers and the services we offer, contact us.