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Training to Turn a Love of Animals into a Rewarding Career

The Smoochie Pooch Apprenticeship Program was founded by nationally certified groomers looking to provide high-quality pet grooming training to aspiring professionals. We are a dog and cat grooming apprenticeship training program committed to helping trainees develop new skills, discover ways to share their love of animals and embark on a successful career. Our program features: 

Our dog grooming training will make you an expert at handling, bathing, ear cleaning, pruning, trimming, and styling. Apprentices get hands-on experience while being paid to learn, with the end goal of becoming a confident, knowledgeable grooming professional. 

Smoochie Pooch has one of the only apprenticeship programs near Indiana that provides cat and dog grooming training in the state. Honing your skills and expanding your knowledge in a pet grooming training program starts your grooming career and teaches you how to market your services and find work in creative grooming fields.

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Our Training Session

Trainees are given all-round guidance in pet grooming and styling. As time goes by, apprentices will become masters at identifying different breeds, understanding unique requirements, and handling pets safely. 

Hands-on Experience

Our training sessions provide in-depth and hands-on experience in all aspects of dog grooming, cat grooming, and pet grooming. With our supervision, you will become a more reputable professional pet groomer.

Our goal is to provide advance technical training that will help you succeed in a career in grooming. By emphasizing perfecting grooming skills and concentrating on proper breed profile, apprentices realize their fullest potential while maintaining speed and efficiency. As a trainee, you get to practice your dog grooming skills, including combing, brushing, nail clipping, ear cleaning and drying techniques, scissor and clipper finishing techniques, and proper pattern setting for different breeds. 

Supervised Training

Hands-on training is our primary focus. Apprentices work with dogs, cats, and other animals to become better groomers than they already are.

There is no substitute for hands-on training. We continuously remind apprentices to handle animals confidently and with care. They are supervised by our award-winning dog grooming experts who bring years of passion, knowledge, and techniques.

At the same time, we encourage apprentices to express individual creativity while understanding customer satisfaction. 

Grow Your Career

Pet grooming is a booming industry, and the demand for qualified pet groomers far exceeds talent in the field. We help every apprentice to develop an edge against other pet groomers.

Our goal is to help you stand out from other professionals in the same field through our expert supervision. With us, you end up becoming more than a pet stylist. With the right mindset and dedication to the craft, you can become a master groomer who competes at national or international events.

What Can You Do as a Stylist and Groomer?

Pet stylists and groomers have found virtually endless career opportunities. The U.S. Bureau of Labour Statistics expects strong growth for the grooming industry and healthy job creation for at least the next five years.  Groomers can earn at the level of the national average (commensurate to experience). Those preparing animals for competitions, film, TV, and social media can expect higher pay.

Those looking for groomers include: 

Creative groomers are sought after for pet shows, grooming dogs and cats for competition, advertising, TV work, and film productions. 

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Roles and Responsibilities of a Pet Groomer

Pet owners expect groomers to be knowledgeable professionals, someone who can look after their pet’s well-being. In addition to bathing, grooming, and styling animals, you will be expected to offer animal health advice and act as a compassionate presence for pets. 

Our programs are designed to make you a well-rounded grooming professional. Every trainee receives personal attention to develop a high standard of skill, address weaknesses, and build strengths.