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Dog grooming isn’t just about making your pet look and smell pretty. It’s about caring for your pet and keeping them healthy and happy. We’ll do the dirty work for you – washing away dirt and oils, removing fleas, trimming and filing gnarly nails, expressing anal glands… Our work may not always be glorious, but it’s always rewarding.

Our number one priority is to keep your dog safe and comfortable. Each pet receives personalized care specific for their needs, whether it’s specially treating them for itchy, dry skin or a simple bath and trim so they can see better. Each pet receives care and attention from our certified professional dog groomers and pet stylists. Schedule an appointment today!

Grooming Packages

dog grooming packages

Available Discounts:

Puppy Discount: basic package for puppies 6 months & younger

Pampered Pet Discount: basic package for dogs scheduled every 2 weeks

Basic Dog Grooming Package - Smoochie Pooch Pet Grooming
Complete Dog Grooming Package - Smoochie Pooch Pet Grooming Services
Pampered Pet Dog Grooming Package - Smoochie Pooch Pet Grooming
Puppy Dog Grooming Package - Smoochie Pooch Pet Grooming

Prices are based on each pet’s frequency of grooming, coat condition, size, breed and service selected.
All quotes subject to change at groomer discretion upon inspecting your pet.

Additional Services

  • Tooth Brushing $13

    Our enzymatic toothpaste helps remove plaque and prevent tartar accumulation.

  • Anal Gland Expression $13

    The need and frequency for this service varies from dog to dog.

  • Nose to Tail $21

    Tooth brushing and anal gland expression bundle.

  • Extra Scissoring $13+

    Extra trimming of hair (not a full haircut). May be added to our Basic Package. This service is already included in our Complete Package.

  • Hand Stripping * $1 / minute

    Dead hairs are plucked by hand from a dog's excess topcoat, stimulating the hair follicles and regenerating growth of the new coat. Most commonly done for wire-coated terriers and sporting dogs. Generally takes 1-2 hours, but varies by breed. Every 1-4 weeks is recommended.

  • Exfoliating Skin & Coat Detox $18-46

    Special deep-cleansing bath that exfoliates the skin and detoxes the coat to address inflammation, itching and skin dehydration. Essential for the allergy-sensitive pet.

  • Deshed Treatment $18-45

    Three-step bathing process with extra bushing and carding of dead undercoat. Can reduce shedding by over 50%.

  • Blueberry Facial $5

    Facial to brighten any coat color. Aromatherapeutic and pH balanced.

  • Flea Treatment $25

    Kills fleas on contact using safe, non-toxic flea shampoo. Required if pet has fleas.

  • Ozone Treatment & Hydro-Massage * price varies

    The combination of ozone and air bubbles emit ultrasonic waves in the bath water. Benefits include easing stress, improving vitality, activating circulation, relaxing joints and muscles, and treating skin and coat issues.

  • Skin Therapy price varies

    Schedule a free consultation to discuss treatment and spa therapy options specifically catered to your pet’s individual skin conditions.

  • Color (Airbrush) * price varies

    Add airbrushed color to your pet's hair for a creative, fun look. More temporary than semi-permanent dying. Comes off when dog gets wet.

  • Color (Dye) * price varies

    Semi-permanent color dying of hair, usually on the ears/tail. Must be done on a clean coat. Color sits for 20-30 minutes before bathing and drying.

  • Nail Polish * price varies

    Choose from a variety of colors.

* Available only at participating locations. Contact a salon near you for more info.
A purchase of a grooming package is required in order to purchase one of our additional services (with the exception of nail polish).

While nail trims are included in our packages, this service is also available as a stand-alone walk-in service.

Click here to learn more about our add-on services!

Our Grooming Process

professional groomers assess dog health and discuss options with pet owners
1. Consultation & Hands-on Assessment of Your Pet

Our highly trained pet stylist assesses your pet’s health, skin and coat condition and makes recommendations based on your pet’s needs. They may discuss specialized services such as skin care regimens to best suit your pet, so we encourage you to ask questions and bring forward any concerns you may have regarding your pet’s health and hygiene during the consultation.

Bath and massage with shampoos and conditioners specially formulated for dogs
2. Bath & Massage (& Additional Services If Requested)

Your pet stylist starts with a relaxing bath for your pampered pooch. The bath is the best time for us to love on your pet! Your pet receives a relaxing massage while they’re shampooed using some of the best, most nourishing products on the market! Each pet receives shampoo and conditioner that is mixed specially for them.

Many of our additional services such as tooth brushing, anal gland expression and deshed treatments are performed during this stage as well.

blow-dry - grooming products with adjustable settings
3. Drying

Drying your pet is the lengthiest part of the grooming process. While many pets are fully accustomed to the grooming process, some require a little extra attention. All of our dryers have variable intensities, allowing us to decrease the noise level and speed of air for pets less accustomed to grooming or those who suffer from anxiety. We strive to give each pet the best care possible while relieving any stress they may have.

brush-out, nail trimming and ear cleaning are all part of regular grooming
4. Brushing, Nails and Ears

Every pet will receive a brush-out consistent with its needs. Depending on coat type and condition, time can vary greatly is this area. All dogs will get a nail trim and Dremel filing during their spa treatment, as tolerated by the dog. 

Dremeling is a more natural way of trimming your pet’s nails and allows us to ensure they are as short as possible and without cracking or splitting the nail. Your pet’s ears are cleaned during this stage as well, and ear hair can be plucked or shaved out by request.

finishing touches - haircut or trim, color, shave, cologne and other additional services
5. Finishing Touches

Whether your pet needs just a few hairs trimmed, or an overall haircut, our professional pet stylists will make sure your pet leaves looking, feeling and smelling great! After their trim, pets will be freshened with cologne and may be given a bow or bandana to wear home. If you wish to skip the cologne, just let us know.

Select locations also offer additional services like adding color and nail polish. Contact a pet grooming salon near you to learn if these services are available in your area.

How often should I get my dog groomed?

  • Every 4-6 weeks for dogs with long hair or double coats.
  • Every 6-8 weeks for dogs with short hair or smooth coats.
  • Every 2-3 weeks for puppies, as this allows us to take extra time to train your puppy and get them used to the process. 

 Why do dogs need to be groomed often?

Consistent grooming helps prevent matting and knots. With a proper grooming schedule and consistent brushing, you can prevent matting, saving you from dematting fees and excess hair accumulating on your floors. Dematting can also be painful for your pet, and could require a full shave to rectify if their coat isn’t properly maintained.

Regular grooming also makes the process go more smoothly. Pets become more accustomed to the groomers, salon and grooming process and have less anxiety than pets who come infrequently. It’s best for your pet to see grooming as a regular routine, not a punishment, and it’s much more difficult to accomplish if you only bring your pet when there are issues to resolve.

Dog grooming at Smoochie Pooch - how frequently to take your dog for grooming whether short haired or long haired
Dog grooming at Smoochie Pooch - how frequently to take your dog to a professional dog groomer

The time required to groom a pet largely depends upon their coat condition which is affected by their grooming frequency and how well they’re cared for between visits. The more time required to groom a pet, the more expensive your grooming session may be. Scheduling your pet at regular intervals allows us to efficiently treat your pet and keep costs low

Frequent visits also provide an opportunity for your groomer to discover and resolve skin and coat issues more quickly, making treatments easier, quicker and more affordable, not to mention the most important part – keeping your pet happy and healthy.

Read our blogs to learn how frequently you should bring your dog in for grooming and why!

High Quality Dog Grooming in Indiana and Kentucky

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