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Having a dog is a wonderful experience. They’re cute, sweet, loyal, and fun. They love you to bits and you love them just as much. That’s why we recommend a routine dog grooming session every 2-6 weeks, depending on breed and desired groom, to keep your dog’s skin and coat in peak condition.

Let Our Dog Groomers Take Care of Your Pooch

At Smoochie Pooch, we put your pet first.  If you are new to us, we recommend giving us a call so we can get to know you and your dog.  We will ask questions and discuss expectations, and then we can recommend a dog grooming program that will suit your pet’s specific needs.  Some pets have allergies or skin conditions.  Some of our stylists are Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aestheticians, and this expertise allows us to provide solutions to your dog’s skin and coat issues.

All dogs are different, so we offer a wide range of services. From full spa packages to nail trimming and teeth brushing, we have packages and programs that fit your budget and your pet’s needs. Each of our salons now features a healing ozone bathing machine that assists arthritic dogs and provides a soothing spa experience using oxygen-enriched warm water. 

We even offer a loyalty program based on frequency and a rewards and referral program for your furry friends. Ask us about it when you book your next appointment.

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Mobile Pet Grooming Indiana

How Do I Get My Dog Groomed?

Our goal at Smoochie Pooch is customer satisfaction.  We look after you and your pet’s needs from your first call.  We will do our best to meet and exceed expectations at every appointment. Call us to book an appointment in the salon that is most convenient for you.  Your pet doesn’t like to travel or needs one-on-one attention?  We are happy to bring one of our fully equipped mobile pet grooming vans right to you. Call today to book your mobile session.

Dog Grooming in Indiana that You Can Trust

Man’s best friend deserves the best you can offer them. Smoochie Pooch is your top choice for local dog groomers in Northern Indiana.  Give them what they deserve and contact our dog grooming team now!

If you want to ensure that your dog remains happy and healthy, these are the seven steps to follow. Keeping a dog well-groomed includes having the right tools, brushing your dog’s coat, bathing them, trimming their nails, cleaning their ears, brushing their teeth, and trimming or cutting their fur. 

When you take your dog to a professional grooming session, it will typically consist of brushing, bathing, and being trimmed or clipped. Experienced and quality groomers will always use clean and sanitized tools and bath products that support your dog’s skin. Additional services can include skin therapy or coat maintenance, depending on what your pet needs.

On average, it takes at least an hour to properly groom a dog. However, the time depends on so many factors including the condition of your dog’s coat, their size, their behavior, and any extra services you think your dog might need. Your groomer can give you an estimate of the time it will take to complete the grooming process.

This depends on a few factors such as the condition of the coat and the breed of the dog. The highly trained and experienced groomers at Smoochie Pooch know when a bath is required before or after grooming based on what’s best for the dog. They ensure the method they choose produces the best grooming results.

If you have a new pet at home and want to take on some basic grooming between appointments, we suggest you start slowly. Start by brushing them gently, followed by a bath. If you feel comfortable, you can try clipping their nails as well. It’s important you have the right tools and products to work with.

In most cases, it’s best to cut your dog’s hair when it is clean and dry. In rare cases, where the fur is very matted, a wet shave might be necessary, but this is not typically common practice. Trimming your dog when wet can make it hard to keep things even, especially around their face and their paws.

Trimming a dog’s face can be tricky as they don’t often stay still and you need to take great care around their eyes, nose, ears, and mouth. Experienced groomers will know whether it’s best to use scissors or clippers, depending on the dog. Groomers will start with one side and then do the other side, making final adjustments for symmetry, if necessary.

To start, trained groomers will take the time to access the dog’s coat. Not only does the breed of dog matter, but also their coat condition. For nervous dogs, scissors may be the better option. Groomers start by trimming hair from the sides and legs and then finish up with the face and tail.

No, dog grooming shouldn’t be described as easy. It takes training and experience to groom a dog well and to ensure that it’s a positive experience for the dog. Understanding breed-specific grooming, coat type, skin concerns, and temperament are all very important when it comes to successfully grooming a dog.

How often a dog needs to be groomed will depend on the type of breed, lifestyle, and sometimes the age of the pet. It can also depend on the style of cut you like for your dog, as some cuts will require more frequent maintenance. The most important thing to remember is that regular grooming really does improve the quality of life for your pet!