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Our Story

Smoochie Pooch is a family-owned dog grooming company. Our Indiana salons are located in Carmel, Chesterton, Crown Point, Fort Wayne, Hobart, Lafayette, Lowell, Plymouth, Portage, Roanoke, Schererville and Valparaiso. We also have a salon located in Florence, Kentucky. Most salons are also boutiques and supply pet food and supplies.

We also provide mobile grooming services, bringing professional groomers to your front door for pets in Lake and Porter Counties in northwestern Indiana. 

Since 2009, Smoochie Pooch has employed and trained some of the industry’s top dog groomers. Our apprentice program is top-notch for those looking to get started in the industry, and features hands-on training to become a professional dog groomer from nationally certified instructors. Contact us if you’re interested in our apprentice program or joining our grooming team!

In addition to providing exceptional grooming services, we also pay special attention to the health of your pet’s skin and coat. Our team is trained in animal behavior and grooming techniques specific to a wide variety of breeds. We also ensure our groomers are up-to-date with first aid and CPR techniques for the safety of the pets in our care.

About Our Grooming Services

We offer a wide array of grooming services because each pet deserves individualized care for their specific needs. We specialize in catering our treatment services to give your pet the perfect grooming experience for their breed and situation. If you’re not sure what your pet needs, we offer free consultations. 

We use high-quality shampoos and conditioners as well as specialty products from Iv San Bernard for specialty add-ons and treatments. The products we use are all focused on improving skin and coat conditions and resolving issues your pet may be experiencing.

Salon Pet Grooming

Salon grooming appointments are available at all of our locations. Please visit or contact a salon near you for more information about the services available and groomers at that location. Learn more about our dog grooming and cat grooming services.

Our groomers begin working with your pet right away, and we call you as soon as they’re ready to be picked up. Salon grooming is not a 1-on-1 experience as we work on multiple dogs at one time. We do this so that your pet gets a chance to relax and take a break from standing. If you prefer to have 1-on-1 service for your pet, please schedule with our mobile grooming service (available in Northwestern Indiana only).

Dog Grooming near me
mobile dog grooming and cat grooming van in indiana

Mobile Pet Grooming

Mobile grooming appointments are scheduled Monday through Friday and by appointment only. We provide an arrival time so you can plan your day and know when to expect our groomer. Our groomers are committed to arriving within the allotted time and will call if they have been delayed. Please allow for a wait time of 1-2 weeks to schedule an appointment.  Mobile grooming is available in most of Lake & Porter counties in Northeastern Indiana.

Please call us to schedule an appointment for your pet. If you just need your pet’s nails trimmed, we are happy to do that without an appointment during business hours at any of our salons. 

Free Client Consultations

Proper pet hygiene is important for your family pet.

New client consultations are always free at Smoochie Pooch!

Upon check-in, we thoroughly review what we can or cannot do for your pet on that day.

We’ll discuss trim options that fit your pet’s specific breed and lifestyle, routine at-home care needs between professional appointments, and the recommended frequency of professional grooming appointments for your specific pet. 

Smoochie Pooch Indiana
Mobile Pet Grooming Indiana

A Clean Pet is a Happy Pet!

Routine grooming every 2-6 weeks for most pets keeps their skin and coat in peak condition. To learn about the recommended grooming frequency for different breeds and ages, visit this blog.

We have a variety of services at very competitive prices to help you keep your pet looking and smelling wonderful. 

Management Team

Elli Bultemeier

Regional Manager, Nationally Certified Master Groomer, Certified Pet Aesthetician

Elli has been with Smoochie Pooch since January of 2018 and has been grooming since 2008. She has had dogs all her life and currently has four dogs: two English Cockers (Tag & Marvel), a standard Poodle (Vincent) and a Shiba Inu (Kuma).

Outside of the salon, Elli enjoys traveling and speaking at grooming conventions across the country. She also enjoys spending time with with her kids, visiting trade shows and competing in grooming competitions. Elli also has a passion for photography and owns her own photography business. 

She loves her job with Smoochie Pooch because of the big focus on continuing education and how extremely supportive the company is for the furthering of its groomers’ skills, education and competitive goals.

Elli Bultemeier Smoochie Pooch Master Groomer, Cat Groomer, Dog Groomer, Pet groomer near me, Pet Aesthetician
Haylee Gaines- Smoochie Pooch Crown Point CSR

Haylee Gaines

Customer Experience Lead

Haylee started at Smoochie Pooch in our customer service team in August 2020. Haylee’s passion for animals drove her to want to work within our company. She has enjoyed many different jobs working alongside animals but has found her home at Smoochie Pooch. Outside of work, you can usually find her spending time with family, traveling, or spending time at music festivals! Haylee has two dogs, named Meeka and Riley. She loves getting to know all the pets and customers that come in everyday to the salon and more than anything loves that work feels more like family than work. She loves everyone she works with!