Cat Groomers near me

Cat Grooming Services to Pamper Your Little Jungle Hunter

Cats are not known for having a love of water, but after your feline friend has an appointment with one of our local cat groomers in Indiana, they will be glad they took the plunge! Contrary to popular belief cats do not actually clean themselves.  Imagine this; take your arm.  Lick it ten times in the same spot.  Is it clean? Once they discover the magic of our specialty shampoo, water, and expert groomers, they may be persuaded to let the professionals handle things instead of their tongue.

Why Should I Use a Cat Spa?

It really depends on what you believe your kitty needs, but here are some of the reasons we’ve encountered:

Cat Grooming Indiana
Cat grooming near me

Is Professional Cat Grooming Worth It?

To put it simply, yes!

Our cat groomers are highly trained professionals that will pamper and care for your kitty once they step into our cat boutique or our Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Spa can come right to your door. They know how to handle your pet to keep them calm even when wet. Our grooming process gives your cat a deeper clean than they can get on their own. It also helps your cat maintain a healthy, glossy coat to show off proudly while they strut around the house or neighborhood.

Where Can I Find Cat Groomers Near Me?

Cat grooming is currently offered in the Portage, ScherervilleCrown Point, and our Fort Wayne N and Fort Wayne Southwest salons as well as the Smoochie Pooch Mobile Pet Spa in Northwest Indiana.

Services offered

All cats receiving a complete groom will have the Lion cut done prior to the bath.  If your cat will not tolerate the bath, they will not receive one.

Indiana Cat Grooming

Our Pet Stylists

Elli Bultemeier

Nationally-Certified Master Groomer, Certified Pet Esthetician 

Elli has been with Smoochie Pooch of Fort Wayne since January of 2018 and has been grooming for about ten years. She has had dogs her entire life and currently has four dogs, two English Cockers (Tag & Marvel), a standard Poodle (Vincent), and a Shiba Inu (Kuma). When Elli is not grooming, she enjoys playing with her kids and traveling. She also has a passion for photography, owning her own photography business, which keeps her busy when not going to trade shows and competing in grooming competitions. She loves her job with Smoochie Pooch because of the big focus on continuing education and how extremely supportive the company is for the furthering of its groomer’s skills, education, and competitive goals.

Groomers In Fort Wayne
Bekah Blaesing - Pet Stylist - Schererville Salon

Bekah Blaesing

Pet Stylist

Bekah has been a part of the Smoochie Pooch team since July of 2019 and has been in the grooming industry for 3 years. Although she loves to pamper and love your pups, she hopes to eventually get a Standard Poodle to pamper and love alongside her two cats Stormy and Clyde. When she is not grooming she loves to go to the lake to kayak and spend time with close friends and family. Bekah’s favorite part about being a groomer is that it is a constant learning experience, and she is always learning something new every day. She values her relationships with her clients and is so grateful to be able to meet new people and build relationships with them. 

Shannon Granzow

Pet Stylist

Meet Shannon – Smoochie Pooch Mobile Crown Point Pet Stylist 

Shannon Granzow - Pet Groomers in Valparaiso Indiana

Alisha Gonsiorowski

Pet Stylist

Meet Alisha – Smoochie Pooch Schererville Pet Stylist 

Tasha Sunday

Pet Stylist

Meet, Tasha — Smoochie Pooch – Southwest, Fort Wayne Pet Stylist!

Tasha Sunday - Pet Stylist-Fort Wayne Southwest Salon
Best Dog Groomers in Crown Point

Ashley Young

Pet Stylist

Ashley is a recent addition to the Smoochie Pooch of Crown Point family but has been grooming for five years. Even before that, she volunteered and took in animals. Currently Ashley has a grey cat (“Rosie”), a Dutch Shepard (“Bane”), and a standard American Eskimo (“Louise”). Her dog and family time is very important to her, but she also enjoys painting, being a film/horror/musical buff, and traveling. When asked about the favorite part of her job she responded, “My favorite is to meet new old dogs. I can’t resist a white face on an old dog. 

Lauren Hoffar

Pet Stylist

Meet, Lauren — Smoochie Pooch – Southwest, Fort Wayne Pet Stylist!

Lauren Hoffar - Pet Stylist-Fort Wayne Southwest Salon
Dog Grooming Fort Wayne

Jordan Slusher

Pet Stylist

Jordan has been with Smoochie Pooch since June of 2018 but has been grooming for three years. With a passion for animals at a young age, she has been working and volunteering in a humane society since she was fifteen. Along with this, Jordan keeps busy away from Smoochie Pooch by chasing around her toddler and her Golden Doodle (Charlie).