How to Become a Certified Dog Groomer with Smoochie Pooch?

Dog Grooming

Interested in becoming a certified pet groomer? If you love working with animals and have wondered whether grooming could be the right career path, it’s time to learn more about Smoochie Pooch’s apprenticeship program.

It should come as no surprise that not all dog groomer training is the same. If you’re truly interested in this physically active career, make sure you do some research and find out more about the available courses and programs in the Indiana area and how much hands-on training you’ll receive.

Why Choose an Apprenticeship Program to become a Certified Pet Groomer?

While it may seem like washing, brushing, and cutting fur is a relatively easy thing to do, it actually takes quite a bit of training to know how to properly groom a pet. Not only do you need to know about breed-specific grooming, but you’ll also need to be well versed inappropriate products to use, skin concerns, and how to ensure that each pet feels at ease.

The Smoochie Pooch apprenticeship program offers cat and dog groomer training that allows you to gain hands-on experience while you get paid. Founded by nationally certified groomers, you can expect to receive high-quality training that will make you an expert at handling, bathing, ear cleaning, trimming, and styling.

If you want to become a confident and skillful certified dog groomer, here are some of the unique features our apprenticeship program will offer you:

  • An opportunity to broaden your skincare and breed-specific knowledge.
  • Exercises to practice skill pattern settings for different breeds.
  • Encouragement to maximize grooming potential and creativity.
  • Instruction on how to improve speed and efficiency.
  • Guidance on how to sharpen your finishing techniques.
  • Actual salon experience.
  • Knowledge on how to use, maintain, and disinfect grooming equipment

In addition to grooming competencies, the program also covers operational competencies. Our comprehensive program covers all the information you’ll need to know in order to carve out a successful career in pet grooming.

Did you know that Smoochie Pooch has one of the only apprenticeship programs that provides cat and dog grooming training? Our program is designed to help you create a satisfying career helping pets by using your skilled professional grooming knowledge. Expect to hone your skills and expand your knowledge as you embark on quality training that will set you up for success in this creative and fulfilling field. To learn more about our program, send an email to