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Smoochie Pooch is home to some of the best-rated dog groomers in town. We take pride in having pet groomers trained under the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program from Iv San Bernard. By utilizing natural and top-quality pet grooming Brookside Estates products, we’re able to meet the needs of your furry friends. Beyond the regular dog grooming services, our expert pet groomers also treat specific coat or skin issues that may be causing concern, provide pampering sessions, and other advanced pet care with the help of our in-house veterinarians. There is no need to keep looking for the ‘best dog grooming near me’ or ‘reliable dog groomers near me’ because Smoochie Pooch is here to help. 


Our Philosophy: What Makes Us the Best Salon for Dog Grooming in Brookside Estates?

We make sure that all our clients have a positive pet grooming experience that will encourage them to keep coming back in the future. All of our dog groomers and staff undergo intensive training to provide the best of the best for your furry friends. As your ‘trusted dog groomers near me’, they prioritize the happiness, safety, health, and wellness of your pets. This is why our approach to dog grooming is superior to others. We just don’t clean them; we strive to develop a genuine relationship with each client. This way, when our dog groomers meet them again in our pet grooming Brookside Estates salon, they will feel delighted to reunite with friends who they can trust.

Our pet grooming Brookside Estates team also takes the time to curate specific solutions that address the concerns of each four-legged client. From choosing the perfect combination of pet grooming Brookside Estates products to suggesting the best treatments for them, our pet groomers and staff will be there for you every step of the way. 


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Our pet groomers are trained to handle even the fussiest or most chaotic dog. Their patience, passion for their craft, and genuine love for cats and dogs allow them to provide superior dog grooming in Brookside Estates. Our pet groomers are Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aestheticians, which is why they are able to detect and prevent possible serious skin, hair, and overall health concerns. 


Outstanding Dog Grooming in Brookside Estates

Do your pets get anxious when traveling or whenever you leave them with other dogs? Do you find it a hassle to drop off and pick up your pets at our pet grooming salon? Do you want your pets to have undivided dog grooming attention? Smoochie Pooch’s mobile pet grooming in Brookside Estates might just be the answer. Our state-of-the-art pet grooming vans are specially designed to provide individualized dog grooming near me services that are the same level as those performed in-house. Once our dog groomers are done, they deliver your four-legged friends back to your doorstep. There is no need to keep looking for ‘talented dog groomers near me’ or ‘excellent dog grooming near me’ because you’re already in the right place. 

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When choosing to work with Smoochie Pooch can have the confidence that your pets are taken care of at the same level as if they were our own. From advanced dog grooming techniques to modern pet grooming tools and extremely talented dog groomers near me, Smoochie Pooch has them all. Our pet groomers and staff are looking forward to making your pet look and feel their best in the near future! Talk to us today to get started.