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Provide a better quality of life for your pets, and they will give you everlasting love and loyalty in return. Proper pet grooming improves not just their but their overall mood and movement as well. But of course, not all dog groomers are the same. Some ‘dog groomers near me’ lack the skill, patience, and experience in handling fussy pets. The good news is that Smoochie Pooch is the home of some of Crestwood’s best-rated pet groomers. Beyond the regular dog grooming in Crestwood, our pet groomers are highly trained in several other services as well. Talk to us today to learn more about our exceptional dog grooming near me. 


Exceptional Pet Grooming in Crestwood: A Trusted Dog Grooming Near Me

Smoochie Pooch offers an array of exceptional pet grooming services. Do you want to spoil and pamper your furry friends? Try out our spa therapies, which are customized according to your preferences and pets’ needs. Does your pet have skin concerns such as allergies and eczema? Our dog groomers can recommend exfoliating skin & coat detox, skin repair therapy, or hydro-massage ozone spa. Do you want to boost the health of your dogs’ skin and coat while reducing their allergens? Our dog grooming shed relief system can do that for you. We also have basic cat and dog grooming services for pets that simply need some freshening up. 

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Why Does Smoochie Pooch Have the Best Dog Groomers Near Me?

Smoochie Pooch is the home of some of the top-rated dog groomers in town. More than just cleaning and styling your pets, they are committed to providing the most appropriate services to promote health and wellness. Their patience in pet grooming and handling the fussiest pets make them a fantastic choice for furry parents who only want the best for their babies. Our dog groomers are Iv San Bernard Certified Pet Aestheticians as well. Their expertise and work attitude makes them some of the most outstanding dog groomers near me.

Clean and Relaxing Dog Grooming Crestwood Salon

Don’t worry about leaving your dogs inside a cramped, dark, and filthy dog grooming Crestwood salon. At Smoochie Pooch, the health and happiness of your beloved pets are our main priority. This is why we specially decorate our pet grooming Crestwood place to promote serenity, calmness, and relaxation. Our pet groomers and staff always make sure to tidy up and sanitize all the tools and surfaces. Our pet grooming bathing stations have fresh and warm water to soothe their senses. Every other interior design element in our dog grooming salon is carefully selected with your dogs in mind. 

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Mobile Dog Grooming: Smoochie Pooch Pet Groomers in Your Neighborhood

If your pet gets anxious when traveling or you simply don’t have time to drop them off at our dog grooming Crestwood salon, Smoochie Pooch will come to you! Our mobile pet grooming Crestwood van is fully equipped with the same tools and products that we use in-house. Quit searching for the ’most reliable dog grooming near me’ or ‘most talented dog groomers near me’ because you’re already in the right place. 

Free Consultation for Dog Grooming in Crestwood

Choosing the ideal pet grooming services, let alone the right dog groomers, can be quite confusing and overwhelming. As your chosen partner for pet grooming in Crestwood, Smoochie Pooch can help you make these important decisions without additional charge. 

Book the Best Dog Grooming Near Me

Don’t waste your time and effort with unqualified dog groomers near me. Work with professional pet groomers who have a proven track record of success and happy four-legged clients. What are you waiting for? Book a Smoochie Pooch pet grooming in Crestwood today!
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