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Smoochie Pooch takes pride in having some of the most sought-after pet groomers in Dunn Mill. We provide exceptional pet grooming services in a calm, clean, and cozy environment. Our pet grooming Dunn Mill team always makes sure that your beloved furry friends have a positive experience in our salon on every visit. From using top-of-the-line dog grooming products to advanced pet care services, our dog groomers and staff can do them all. Indeed, Smoochie Pooch is your go-to place for ‘dog grooming near me’. Book your dog grooming Dunn Mill appointment today! 


Best Pet Grooming Dunn Mill: Our Amazing Services

  • Basic cat and dog grooming: This is not just your regular pet grooming service. We take the time to evaluate your pets first to curate a customized experience for them. Our cat and dog groomers also make sure that even the smallest issues are addressed for your pets’ full satisfaction.
  • Exfoliating Skin & Coat Detox: Smoochie Pooch is one of the few places that use exfoliating skin & coat detox products for dog grooming in Dunn Mill. These are SLS-free and are fantastic for all coat types. The star ingredients are keratin, which deeply protects the skin, as well as nettle, which treats eczema and hives. Our dog groomers can recommend these for your pets after the initial assessment, but you can request them as well.
  • Spa therapies: Smoochie Pooch understands that sometimes you want to treat your pets to a relaxing day at our pet grooming Dunn Mill salon. After all, it’s the least we can do for their unending loyalty. As your ‘trusted dog groomers near me’, we can provide tailor-made spa therapies to pamper and spoil your furry friends.
  • Puppy package: This dog grooming Dunn Mill package is ideal for puppies between 3-5 months old. Some breeds that need regular coat maintenance can avail of this as well. Our highly trained pet groomers are incredibly careful to avoid any traumas that would affect how your cats and dogs would react in future sessions.
  • Shed relief system: Say goodbye to allergens that affect the health of your dogs’ skin and coat with our dog grooming shed relief system. Our three-step dog grooming process removes dead undercoats and promotes deshedding that subsides within 24-48 hours.
  • Hydro-massage ozone spa: This is not your average ‘dog grooming near me’. Our advanced skin therapy ozone spa provides bacterial disinfection, viral inactivation, and more.
  • Teeth brushing: This seemingly simple process is a critical aspect of maintaining your pets’ overall health. Our dog groomers meticulously remove every plaque and dirt to prevent decay and other severe conditions. To keep their teeth clean and strong, we suggest that you purchase our take-home kit as well.
  • Skin repair therapy: Are you searching for ‘dog grooming near me’ that is inclusive of advanced pet care? This special pet grooming in Dunn Mill is medically curated to treat a variety of conditions such as skin flakiness and chronic allergies. Our pet groomers work hand in hand with veterinarians to diagnose and treat these issues. 
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Unforgettable Experience at Our Dog Grooming Salon

More than just pet grooming, we also make sure that your dogs and cats have a good time at Smoochie Pooch. Most pet grooming salons are cramped, loud, and untidy. This makes pets even more agitated, which will make the whole process a lot difficult to handle. As your dependable dog groomers near me, we go above and beyond to make our place as soothing and pet-friendly as possible. This way, your furry friends feel and look their best. 

Mobile Dog Grooming Near Me

If you keep struggling to book an appointment with the ‘best dog groomers near me’, don’t have the time to visit our pet grooming Dunn Mill salon, or have pets that get extremely anxious when traveling, Smoochie Pooch has you covered.

Smoochie Pooch’s mobile pet grooming van is fully equipped with tools and products that are similarly found in our dog grooming Dunn Mill salons. Our pet groomers spend approximately 60-75 minutes providing top-notch services to your extended family member. Since your pets have their undivided attention, you know that you’re not being short-changed. Once done, our pet groomers will deliver your furry friend right back to your doorstep, looking fresh and feeling happy. Our dog groomers also make sure that the van is in tip-top shape by regularly disinfecting the entire area and replacing disposable tools. 

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Book a Top-Rated Dog Grooming in Dunn Mill

There is no need to keep searching for ‘excellent dog groomers near me’ or ‘top-quality dog grooming near me’ because you’ve come to the right place. Make an appointment with Smoochie Pooch today!