Cat Grooming – How to Help Your Cat Relax Before They Go to the Groomer?

Cat Grooming

Cat grooming is not as widely thought about as dog grooming, but cat owners should know that cats can certainly benefit from professional grooming too. Even though cats seem to groom themselves, an experienced cat grooming service can help ensure your cat is not matted, doesn’t have overgrown nails, isn’t battling with fleas, and can help prevent ear infections.

We know that cats may get anxious before heading off to a cat grooming appointment, but there are several things you can do to help them feel calm. It helps if you schedule regular grooming appointments with their Indiana pet grooming service so that they get used to the experience and can develop a positive relationship with their groomer.

Before Bringing Your Cat to Their Grooming Appointment

Helping your cat get used to professional grooming starts with grooming at home. For those who are just welcoming a new cat or kitten into your home, start letting them become familiar with a brush right from the start. When grooming tools are something they are used to, they won’t be as stressed to see them when they visit an Indiana pet grooming salon.

To help your cat feel calm before any grooming services, try these tips:

  • Set out your cat’s carrier at least a few days ahead of time to help minimize any negative association. Place a favorite blanket or towel inside and spend a few days giving them treats either right in front of or just inside the carrier.
  • Do your research and find the right cat grooming salon. Grooming a cat is very different than grooming a dog. Make sure you confirm that the salon you choose has plenty of experience with cats. Find out how they handle cats who are nervous or aggressive during grooming, and make sure you’re on the same page.
  • Use dried herbs to help them relax before their appointment. Valerian, hops, and chamomile will all help soothe your cat into a state of relaxation.

Cat Grooming Services in Indiana

With cat grooming services offered at our Crown Point and Fort Wayne salon locations as well as in our mobile pet spa in Northwest Indiana, Smoochie Pooch is ready to welcome your cat and help them feel their best. Our cat groomers are highly trained professionals that will pamper and care for your kitty. We know how to keep them calm, even when wet. From helping to manage skin issues to ensuring their long coat is beautifully maintained, you can count on our team to help support your cat’s overall wellness. Contact us today to book cat grooming services for your pet.