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Your pets become better companions when their basic needs are met, and their quality of life is improved. Taking them to professional pet groomers is necessary to keep them healthy and happy. If you are looking for top-notch pet grooming, you can count on Smoochie Pooch to meet or even exceed your expectations. Our dedication to your pets’ comfort and health is not just part of our job. It is our passion. This is why many locals always go to us for pet grooming in Highland that is consistently unparalleled. 

What Makes Smoochie Pooch Superior to Other Dog Grooming Salons?

As your trusted dog groomers, our philosophy is simple, and that is to make sure that all four-legged clients have a positive experience with our  Highland team. Our salon is specially designed to promote calmness and tranquility. Unlike other dog grooming salons, we don’t have standard services and products for everyone that comes in. Smoochie Pooch cat and dog groomers take the time to conduct consultations and thorough evaluations to determine specific issues your pets are currently dealing with. By considering factors such as your pets’ allergies and breed types, we are also able to identify the best products that would suit them. Do your precious animals have more serious skin and coat problems? Our in-house veterinarian can step forward to provide a more advanced dog grooming treatment plan. 

Stop wasting several hours online researching for the best dog grooming salon because Smoochie Pooch is here for you.

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Mobile Dog Grooming in Highland: Talented Pet Groomers Coming Your Way!

Have you not been able to regularly bring your pets to the dog groomers because of your busy schedule? Do your four-legged friends get extremely anxious when traveling? Would you rather just hire ‘home service dog grooming near me’? 

Quit worrying because Smoochie Pooch also specializes in mobile dog grooming in Highland with complete care. Meaning, your pets get the same quality of products, equipment, and services as those performed at our pet grooming salon.

With this, your pets get one-on-one care and attention for 30-40 minutes. Thus, making it perfect for animals who get anxious or scared when surrounded by others. After every session, we return your pets to your doorstep, and we sanitize the van to get ready for the next client.

Smoochie Pooch in Highland: Book the Best Dog Grooming Near Me

Let your furry friends experience a happy dog grooming session with Smoochie Pooch. Do you want to treat them to a relaxing day at our pet grooming Highland salon? We can do that too! Our professional pet groomers will guide you through the different customizable services we have to pamper your precious ones. After all, it is one of the least things we could do for their loyalty and love. 

Call us today to book a session with one of our outstanding dog groomers. Our Highland team is looking forward to meeting your furry friends soon!

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