How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

Dog grooming

Booking regular dog grooming is a great way to keep your pet healthy, looking great, and ensure that their coat, skin, ears, paws, and sanitary areas are clean. Many pet parents have their dog’s food, toys and walking routines down pat, but still wonder how often they should be taking their pet in for grooming.

While the timing will differ between dog breeds, most breeds should be groomed around every six weeks. Visiting dog groomers near you consistently will help prevent matting and knots, which if left untreated, can quickly progresses into skin irritation or infections. Grooming is a preventative activity that should be prioritized by dog owners.

Determining Your Dog’s Grooming Needs

As mentioned, grooming is not a one-size-fits-all scenario. Some dogs may need more grooming upkeep than others. The best dog groomers near you will be able to assess your dog based on several factors and then work with you to determine a grooming schedule that fits their needs.

Here’s a quick reference guide to help you determine how often your pet may need dog grooming:

  • Short coat dogs don’t often need much clipping but can benefit from regular grooming every six weeks to help keep shedding at bay.
  • Double coated dogs are prone to matting because of their thick coats and benefit greatly from a consistent grooming schedule. Not only will this reduce the fur found around your home, but when their coat is in good condition, it makes it easier for them to regulate their temperature. They should be brushed several times a week and visit a groomer every four to six weeks.
  • Dogs with wavy or curly hair shed less but tend to have dirt and debris get stuck in their coat, which can be very uncomfortable. If you are brushing them regularly at home, a visit to the groomer should be every six to eight weeks.

In addition to breed type, lifestyle also plays a factor. If your dog is often getting wet or running through mud, dirt or sand, they’ll likely need to visit dog groomers near you more often to avoid tangles. Some pet owners also change their grooming schedule around seasonality, asking their groomer to cut their pup a bit shorter in the warmer months.

Find the Best Dog Groomers Near You

When it comes to finding the best dog groomer for your pet, be sure you choose someone that has the training and knowledge to know what works best for your dog. At Smoochie Pooch, our groomers are trained in breed-specific grooming so that we’re able to provide your furry family member with services that support their unique needs. Grooming plays a significant role in how your dog feels and you can trust our team to ensure your pet will come back to you happy and healthy. Book an appointment today or contact us to learn more.