How to Spoil your Cat

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Cats may not hold the title for “Man’s Best Friend”, but they do still make amazing companions. National Kitten Day (July 10, 2023) honors this connection between felines and humans. Take this fun holiday as an excuse to spoil your beloved cat. Choose one or all of the suggestions below!

Read this blog to learn why National Kitten Day was created and the different ways to spoil your cat. 

National Kitten Day 

This fun holiday was created in 2012 by animal behaviorist and author Colleen Paige. Her goal for initiating this special day was to show how magical and joyous it is to own a kitten. People assume that these cute little felines have no issues finding a forever home, but many do struggle to be adopted. National Kitten Day brings awareness to the difficulty of cats and kittens that need to be rescued each year. 

To honor this holiday on July 10th, celebrate your kitten or cat by spoiling them. There are many ways to thank your feline for bringing joy into your life. 

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Ways to Spoil your Cat 

Build your Cat a Catio 

A catio is an enclosed porch designed for cats to interact with nature and get fresh air from inside a safe place. This is a special treat especially for strictly indoor cats. A catio can be attached to a window or a doggy door. If you have a balcony area, patio or deck, place the structure in that space. There are premade catios available or you can build one from scratch with instructions. See this blog for an example of a DIY catio through an egress window.

Give your Cat Treats 

Change up your kitten’s typical daily diet with delicious treats. Get ones that are specifically designed for cats as those treats have the right smells and flavors to make your feline salivate. Purchase goodies that have nutritional value and won’t upset your pet’s stomach.  

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Pet Drinking Fountain 

Notice that your feline likes when the faucet is running? Get them their own flowing water with a pet drinking fountain. Cats are attracted to moving water because their instincts tell them that it is more likely to be clean. The fountain works not only as a way to spoil your cat, but to increase their daily water intake. There are many different styles and spout sizes that come in ceramic and stainless steel water fountain designs. This makes it easy to pick the best one for your furry friend. 

Self-Cleaning Litter Box 

An automatic litter box is the perfect way to spoil a hyper clean kitty. These types of litter boxes can detect when waste is in the container, or they can be put on a timer. The rake deposits the waste into a receptacle in the back of the box, which can be emptied when full. This results in a consistently clean litter box no matter the day or the time. 

Cat Trees 

A cat tree is one way to spoil a feline who loves to climb. These towers are typically made of wood framing and wrapped with sisal rope. Cats prefer to view their environment from higher ground in order to see any potential threats. For kittens, climbing is one way they start to learn about their skills and abilities. Cat trees encourage play, curiosity and are ideal cat napping areas. 

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Cat Grooming 

Spoil your cat by giving them a spa day. A long bath and a good brushing helps them to feel refreshed. It removes any loose fur, cuts down on fur balls and gets rid of matted hairs. 

While not all cats like water or being brushed, they’ll appreciate being clean and matt-free after a cat grooming appointment. To make sure your cat is properly cared for, visit a local pet grooming company like Smoochie Pooch. Our professional cat groomers are experienced in how to help a feline relax and enjoy their grooming experience. 

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Create a Cozy Hidden Spot for your Cat 

When cats sleep, they often prefer to be in small spaces where no one can see them. Create a cozy, hidden spot either up high or down low depending on where your cat naturally gravitates toward. A comfortable space can be set up by the window, near a heat source or in a quiet area separate from the rest of the busy household. 

A wide variety of beds and window perches are available for purchase. Your cat may enjoy a cup style bed or cave type bed, though oftentimes a simple pile of warm blankets is more their style. 

Window perches are a great cozy spot for a cat who loves to look outside. They come in a variety of styles and sizes with some attaching to either the window or a wall. Regardless of what they lay on, having a relaxing place to take their frequent naps makes a cat happy and content. 

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Giving this herb to your cat is an easy and effective way to spoil your pet. Catnip causes a euphoric reaction in felines and acts as an effective stress reliever. There is no risk of addiction, and it is safe to give a cat. The effect of the catnip lasts about 10-15 minutes and then subsides. 

Catnip is a perennial plant that can easily be grown indoors or outdoors, allowing you to treat your cat any time of year. Be aware, however, that the catnip plant can be aggressive and has been known to take over landscapes. Planting it in a pot or a raised garden bed can prevent the plant from spreading and may be a good idea for those looking to grow it at home.

The herb can also be purchased in a variety of forms like catnip balls, catnip cigars and even catnip sprays. No matter the shape, catnip benefits cats by giving the experience of extreme happiness followed by relaxation. 

Sharing Affection with your Cat 

Cats have frequently incorrectly been labeled as independent creatures who don’t show true affection towards their owners, though this has been proven to be mostly false with a majority of cats. They still crave love and attention from their owners, whom they see as a source of comfort and security. Take about 20 minutes each day to pet and cuddle with your furry friend. Sharing that one-on-one attention helps with bonding and improves the mental health of your cat. 

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New Interactive Cat Toys 

Stimulate your cat’s mental activity with fun interactive toys. Pick toys that have lasers, are robotic, are motorized, spin around or are activity centers. Any of these choices work to revitalize a cat’s mind. Also, playing with these toys creates a way for you to connect and have fun with your cat. 

Check out our selection of cat toys at a Smoochie Pooch pet boutique near you for fun options to help spoil and stimulate your cat!

Thank your Cat for their Companionship 

Taking a pet for granted is easy to do, especially with cats who are seen as independent. Showing appreciation for them in your life helps you to realize the emotional and mental benefits of having them as a companion.

A fun way to show appreciation is to spoil your furry friend. Purchase a cool pet drinking fountain, get an awesome cat tree or bring home catnip to make your cat happy and relaxed. Any of these options are beneficial to your cat’s mental health and overall well-being. 

This fun holiday provides an opportunity to spoil your own cat, but remember why this day was created. National Kitten Day serves as a reminder to tell others of how wonderful cats are and to advocate for kitten adoption from shelters.  

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