3 Exciting Jobs You Can Pursue as a Professional Groomer

If you’re looking for pet grooming courses or apprenticeship programs in Indiana to help you start a career, be sure you take the time to learn about all the fantastic things you can do as a professional groomer. Chances are you’re searching for information about this career path because you love animals. Still, you’ll be happy to know that signing up for a pet grooming apprentice program can be the catalyst for a world of opportunity!

While working in a pet salon, like Smoochie Pooch, can provide an enriching career, there are several other exciting career paths you can pursue as a certified groomer depending on your own career goals, interests, and strengths.

How Pet Grooming Courses Can Help You Create an Exciting Career

Our award-winning expert instructors will teach a Smoochie Pooch Apprentice the standards of professional grooming.  They will put their knowledge, passion, and practical insight into helping many develop a rewarding career as a pet groomer.

High-quality pet grooming training is more than just about learning the basics. You can become an expert at handling, bathing, grooming, and styling, enabling you to become a confident and knowledgeable grooming professional who can work anywhere in the world.

Ready to sign up for the pet grooming apprenticeship program? Imagine yourself pursuing one of these three exciting opportunities once your training is complete.

  1. Pet Stylist.

As a groomer, this exciting career path can mean you’re styling pets for grooming competitions, films, TV appearances, and even social media campaigns.

  • Animal Support.

Not all people with pet grooming training end up working in salons. K9 units, animal shelters and rescue centers, animal hospitals, and boarding kennels all look for trusted pet groomers to help run their business and ensure the animals they work with get the grooming care they need. Many groomers start a mobile business that serves many of the types of clientele listed above.

  • Pet Handler.

Whether you become that trusted person for a particular pet or continue your education to become a professional handler for dog shows, your pet grooming education can get you started down this career path. Many high profile business people or celebrities hire pet handlers to take care of their pets daily, or you can focus on show dogs and pursue opportunities to learn how to showcase purebred animals.

Start Your Career with the Smoochie Pooch Apprenticeship Program.

What are you waiting for? With so many opportunities available, now’s the time to join Smoochie Pooch and start an apprenticeship. Our programs will help you become a well-rounded grooming professional who can confidently work with all breeds and owners. To find out more about getting started, contact us.