Leaving Your Cat Home While on Vacation

leaving a cat at home, leaving a cat alone

Going on a vacation or business trip can be exciting, but for cat owners, the thought of leaving their beloved cat behind can also evoke concerns about their well-being. This blog goes over important proactive steps to take that can help ensure your cat’s happiness and safety. From hiring a cat sitter and cleaning your home to managing the litter box and providing entertainment, these insights aim to empower cat owners with the knowledge needed to create a worry-free environment for their feline friends. 

Hiring a Cat Sitter 

Cats are often celebrated for their independent nature, but it’s a misconception to believe they don’t require any care or attention. Veterinarians recommend a cautious approach to leaving a cat entirely alone, suggesting that a period beyond 24 hours requires at least a daily visit for interaction and oversight. 

Felines who experience separation anxiety may benefit from a consistent cat sitter staying in the home as the person can provide comfort and companionship in addition to ensuring they’re fed, safe, and have a clean litter box. Other perks to enlisting a cat sitter include the ability to have someone watch over your house or apartment, water your plants and retrieve your mail and packages. Cat owners should read this blog to learn more about our recommendations for finding cat sitters.

Clean Up the House 

Before you embark on your vacation, it’s crucial to ensure your feline friend is safe and sound at home. Conduct a thorough visual sweep of your living space, prioritizing the removal of potential hazards that could pose risks to your curious cat. 

Among the top culprits are chemical substances like chemical wipes, air fresheners and insecticides, which should be stored away. Keep a watchful eye on the kitchen counters, ensuring food such as chocolate, onions and raisins are stashed behind closed doors to prevent accidental ingestion. Take extra precautions by tucking away medications, supplements, string, yarn, dental floss, loose change, sharp objects and plastic bags. Electrical cords should be covered or hidden to block the cat from chewing or getting electrocuted. 

Vacuum carpets to eliminate hidden dangers. Clean out the trash and promptly take it out. It is a good idea to safeguard your house by stowing breakable items like ornaments out of reach to avert potential accidents in the cat owner’s absence. 

Don’t overlook the greenery; remove any toxic or poisonous plants that may cause stomach discomfort if nibbled upon. Prioritize these safety measures to ensure your cat’s well-being while you enjoy a worry-free vacation. 

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Provide Access to Plenty of Food and Water 

Cats can exhibit unique eating and drinking behavior that demand being taken into consideration if their owner is embarking on a trip. For the laid-back, grazer feline who doesn’t play in their water, strategically placing multiple bowls filled with food and water throughout the house can provide consistent opportunities to nibble and hydrate at their leisure. 

A feline who is prone to overindulgence or playful water antics may require the cat owner to investment in a water and food dispenser. These devices effectively regulate access, preventing excess and mess. Entrusting a cat sitter with explicit feeding and watering instruction may be a wise move, particularly for cats on special diets or specific feeding schedules.  

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Leave Toys and Entertainment for Cats 

When you, the cat owner,  are away from home, ensure your feline companion stays entertained and mentally engaged. Opt for interactive toys tailored for unsupervised play. Cats can succumb to boredom and mischief when left alone. 

Seek out toys that captivate their attention and provide mental stimulation, such as puzzles that challenge their cognitive abilities. Robotic mice toys and hide-and-seek peekaboo cat toys, designed to trigger a cat’s innate prey drive, offer both engagement and exercise. A cat sitter checking in regularly can add to the fun by creating a feline scavenger hunt with hidden treats throughout the house. 

Keeping Doors Open or Closed 

Avoid the worry of your cat accidently finding themselves trapped in a room or closet by taking simple preventable measures. Double-check that doors to spaces you’d prefer your cat stay clear of are securely closed before you leave for your vacation. If a door is intended to remain open, invest in a robust, immovable door stopper that can withstand the playful antics of your cat. Choosing a heavyweight door stopper ensures that even if a curious cat decides to investigate, the door stays firmly ajar. 

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Litter Box 

Tidying up the litter box before you depart helps to ensure not only your cat’s happiness but also maintains a hygienic and comfortable environment. To keep the litter box in the best condition while away, provide clear instructions for the cat sitter on how to clean it and at what frequency. 

Another way of keeping a clean litter box is by investing in a smart litter box. These offer an automated cleaning process, eliminating the need for manual scooping. The cutting-edge devices are equipped with sensors and mechanisms that detect when a cat has used the litter box and promptly initiates the cleaning process without the need for human involvement. 

Update Tags and Microchips 

Guarding against the potential escapades of a bored or anxious cat is crucial to their safety and your peace of mind. Even the most well-meaning cat sitter can accidentally leave a door slightly ajar, creating an opportunity for your cat to make a dash for the outside world. 

Updating your feline’s tags and microchip can help lower the risk of the cat being lost forever. Tags with updated information and properly registered microchips serve as invaluable tools, providing essential contact details to anyone who may come across your lost pet. To learn more about the importance of updated tags and microchips cat owners should read here

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Set Up a Camera 

Setting up a camera can provide cat owners with a sense of connection and assurance. A pet camera can offer the practical advantage of the owner having the ability to notify a cat sitter promptly if any mishap occurs, such as an overturned object or breakage. It also provides a heartfelt perk for cat parents – the ability to catch a glimpse of their cat whenever they miss their feline companion. 

Peace of Mind for Cat and Cat Owner 

As you prepare to leave on your journey, you can be rest assured your cat will be well cared for and content in your absence with these proactive steps. By implementing measures like hiring a cat sitter, cleaning your home, providing enough food and water and investing in smart solutions like cameras and technologically advanced litter boxes, your cat’s health and happiness is safeguarded. When your cat’s well-being is in a safe environment and capable hands, this allows you to be able to enjoy your time away with confidence that your cat is thriving.