What You Need to Know About Shih Tzu Grooming in Plymouth

Shih Tzu grooming of Dog

Shih Tzu dog owners already know how adorable and cute these little dogs can be, but many aren’t aware that they do have some unique grooming needs. In fact, it’s important that your little pup visit a salon familiar with Shih Tzu grooming so that they can properly attend to this breed’s long, thick hair.

Experienced dog groomers in Plymouth will know how to handle the Shih Tzu breed’s double coat that is quite thick and requires some focused attention. In addition, they can guide you on the best ways to keep your dog’s coat healthy and tangle-free with some basic at-home brushing and bathing.

Information Shih Tzu Dog Groomers Want Pet Owners to Know

Regular Shih Tzu grooming is important and shouldn’t be overlooked. When you keep a regularly scheduled grooming routine, your pet will be less likely to develop tangles, which can be quite painful to brush out.

In order to keep your Shih Tzu pet looking and feeling its best, keep reading for some helpful information from dog groomers in Plymouth:

  • Since the Shih Tzu breed has a double coat that is quite thick, it’s important that they get regular baths. This will make it much easier to comb their coat. If you try combing when their coat is tangled or matted, it will break down their coat, causing damage.
  • Trimming the hair around their eyes and potty areas is important. Shih Tzu dog groomers will know how to do this properly, while still delivering one of the specific grooming styles for this particular breed.
  • Sometimes Shih Tzus may need to have hair plucked out of their ear canal in order to make sure that air can properly flow through their ear. This should only be done by trained grooming professional.
  • If your Shih Tzu has a top knot, one of the most recognizable haircuts for this breed, groomers will use both a bristle brush and a comb to gently comb out the hair on the top of the head.
  • For those who keep the longer style of hair for their pet, Shih Tzu grooming will also include trimming the long hair around the dog’s mouth, to avoid hair getting in their mouths when they eat and drink.

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