Quick and Easy Pet Grooming for Pet Parents Between Grooming Appointments

Dog Grooming

You can help keep up with your pet’s needs at home with a simple grooming routine. In-between appointments for professional cat and dog grooming, there are steps you can take as a pet parent. This includes gentle brushing, bathing, and/or nail clipping.

Remember that your pet’s groomer is a great resource. They can advise on the specific care your pet needs at home, quality tools, and how to approach grooming tasks so that both you and your pet are comfortable.

How to Groom Your Pet Between Appointments

If you’re looking to perform some basic grooming at home between your appointments, it’s important to start slowly. Home grooming may be new for you and your pet, so be gentle as you both get more comfortable with the process.

  • Gentle brushing: Regular hair brushing can help lessen shedding and make it easier to find fleas and parasites. It will also help your pet become more comfortable with their grooming appointments. Ask your groomer for insight on the type of brush that will best suit your pet. Be careful around knots and tangles. Remember to reach out to cat and dog groomers for support with gently removing tangled fur.
  • Bathing: If you are comfortable attempting to bathe your pet at home, choose high-quality shampoos and soaps that will support your furry friend’s health. Your cat or dog groomer can offer recommendations for products that will help with any specific conditions that your pet may have.
  • Nail clipping: Not all pet parents feel comfortable attempting to clip nails at home. Rest assured this is completely okay. It can be a tricky task and that’s why many pet parents book regular nail trimming appointments with cat and dog grooming providers. If you do choose to trim your pet’s nails at home, ask your groomer to recommend a good pair of clippers suitable for your pet.

Professional Cat and Dog Grooming Near You 

You can reach out to Smoochie Pooch for cat and dog grooming near you. We offer trusted, quality care for your pets, because they deserve the very best. Book at one of our convenient locations or arrange an appointment with one of our mobile groomers.

To get started, connect with us so that our friendly team can learn more about your pet and their specific needs. Reach out to us today!