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Sr Groomer

Pet Stylist

Smoochie Pooch is Northwest Indiana’s largest pet grooming service provider.  Our commitment is to provide the finest level of Pet Care service.  Smoochie Pooch has been in operation since 2009, now with four locations and four mobile vans.  We can provide the highest level of service and convenience to our customers. 

Job Brief

Smoochie Pooch hires enthusiastic, skilled and customer driven Groomers that are committed to high grooming standards and services. As a Sr. Groomer, you will have bathing, grooming and customer service responsibilities as well as be responsible for the cleanliness of the salon. You will also be responsible for booking appointments with customers. Direct customer interaction is required. Courteous and professional customer service is expected at all times. 

Apply Now

  • Compassion and patience for pets
  • Friendly, outgoing personable approach with owners
  • Physical stamina
  • Detailed oriented, knowledge of breed standards
  • Active listening skills
  • Willing to grow, learn, and take advice
  • Ability to handle constructive criticism
  • Provide bathing and grooming services per customer expectations and breed standards
  • Provide value added services including retail and add-ons
  • Rebook customer with next appointment
  • Update Pet card for warnings, specific instructions and customer suggestions
  • Meet customers on-time expectations and be on time to work per approved schedule
  • Groom to capacity levels
  • Sanitize equipment after each groom
  • Provide on-site coaching to bathers

  • Meet with customers to determine their pet’s needs and their expectations
  • Meet with customer to explain services provided and any concerns about Pet’s health
  • Schedule appointments – Rebooks and Walk-Ins
  • Present finished groom on pet to customer and confirm groom meets expectations

  • Follow Smoochie Pooch standard grooming and bathing processes
  • Inspect pets for parasites, injuries, or disease and notify owners
  • Ability to strip matted pets
  • Ability to deshed dogs
  • Ability to provide good quality grooms
  • Ability to handle hard to manage pets in a calm and professional demeanor
  • Ability to groom 6+ pets per shift
  • Maintain 70% rebook rate

  • Follow Smoochie-Pooch standard 5S program performing 5S duties on a daily basis
  • Salon will always be clean, ordering and professionally looking per Brand Guidelines
  • Janitorial duties such as kitchen, bathroom and individual trash
  • Present finished groom on pet to customer and confirm groom meets expectations

  • Bathing and grooming experience
  • Able to lift 70 pounds
  • Ability to handle and work with large breed dogs
  • Able to meet daily grooming/bathing requirements
  • Great personality and ability to work with customers