Stocking Stuffers for Cats and Dogs

Labradoodle with their Christmas stocking

The holidays are here and now is the time to start searching for the perfect stocking stuffers to give to your beloved cat or dog. From engaging toys to delectable treats and stylish accessories, this blog lists great ideas to inspire your Christmas pet shopping. Read on to discover how you can make this holiday special for your cherished pets. 

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Selecting a Pet Stocking 

Guarantee that your beloved pet is not left out of the festivities this Christmas by getting an adorable stocking just for them. Select a stocking that relates to the overall theme embraced by the family or opt for a more personalized approach. Choose a paw print, a stocking featuring your pet’s specific breed or go the extra mile by having your pet’s name embroidered on the stocking. 

Numerous options are available whether you’re shopping local brick and mortar stores, artisan shops or large retail stores, both in store and online. All offer a plethora of different styles that can help make this season special for you and your pet. 

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Toys for Cats and Dogs 


A lively game of fetch with your dog not only serves as a fantastic way of exercising but also strengthens the bond between you and your beloved canine. Balls are an excellent choice of stocking stuffers for athletic, energetic and outdoorsy dogs.

While tennis balls may be a popular choice, they are not considered the best for dogs. The reason being that a tennis ball’s furry cover is not easily digestible. Instead, opt for a durable long-lasting rubber ball that can withstand a dog’s strong teeth. These types of balls have the added benefits of bouncing, floating and being lightweight. Explore other options, such as balls designed to promote healthy air flow to a dog’s lungs during fetch, soft fabric ones for indoor play and larger sizes tailored for canines who love to play soccer. 


Puzzles serve as excellent toys to engage both cats and dogs to promote mental stimulation. These brain toys come in varying difficulty levels, ranging from beginner to expert. Many of them involve placing food or treats inside. The challenge for the pet is to figure out how to retrieve the goodies. Other options encourage pets to utilize their sense of smell, such as snuffle mats, where pets locate treats or food hidden within fabric strands. Hide-and-seek puzzles feature plush toys concealed within a larger plush container, prompting the animal to seek and extract them. 

Squeaky Toys 

Squeaky toys, despite their potential for creating an annoying racket, are excellent stocking stuffers for pets. Their appeal lies in their ability to tap into the natural prey drive of cats and dogs, as the squeaky sound mimics that of a frightened or injured animal. This triggers their instinct to hunt.

Sound-inducing toys are great for pets to play with on their own. They are also great for pets and their owners to play together during some quality one-on-one time. Squeaky toys are available in different sizes, shapes, colors, volume levels and pitches. Selecting one that gets the most reaction from your pet adds an extra layer of fun to their playtime. 

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Treats for Cats and Dogs 

Crunchy treats

Flavored biscuits and crunchy treats are often marketed as cookies or shaped like dog bones. These types of treats are a fantastic choices for both cats and dogs. The crunchy treats help support dental health by reducing tartar buildup and preventing plaque formation. Smoochie Pooch has a wonderful selection of crunchy treats, both in bagged form and baked goods. To learn how to make your own crunchy treats read this blog for homemade treat recipes.

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Soft treats 

Soft treats are typically smaller in size and easier to chew. They are ideal for older pets and those with teeth issues or sensitive mouths. They are particularly advantageous for training purposes, making these treats excellent gifts for puppies and kittens. The smaller size is safer for small pets since they’re easy to break apart and at a lower risk of causing the pet to choke.

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Freeze-dried and Jerky Treats 

These treats provide a rich source of pure protein and are available in a variety of meat flavors like liver, poultry, pork, beef, lamb and seafood. They’re not only flavorful but also wonderful for pet training. 

However, caution is advised for cats. Felines may struggle with the high salt content commonly found in jerky treats. It’s essential to double-check the meat source when purchasing these treats. Look for reputable US-based providers for added safety and quality assurance. 

Chews for Cats and Dogs 

Bully sticks 

Bully sticks are easy to digest and are deemed safe and healthy for dogs. These chews can play a key role in enhancing a dog’s dental health. They offer a durable chewing option that keeps the canine occupied for an extended period of time. With a range of sizes available, selecting a bully stick that fits with your dog’s chewing habits is easy. 

Be prepared that these chews emit a distinct odor. They can also present a challenge for cats, as felines may struggle with digestion.

bully sticks for dogs

NoHide® Chews 

NoHide® chews stand out as a superior option for pets compared to rawhide. These chews are crafted without the use of harsh chemicals. They offer a nutritious, highly digestible and entirely healthy alternative. Select from a variety of flavors and sizes. They are a wonderful choice for both cats and dogs. 

Stick Chews 

Thin, short chew sticks serve as an ideal stocking stuffer for small dogs, cats, puppies and kittens. Their slender and short design means they won’t overwhelm delicate mouths or stomachs. These chew sticks come in diverse protein options like chicken and beef. It’s important to exercise caution with larger pets or those prone to aggressive chewing, as these may not be the most suitable option for them. 

Quick tip: Buy treats and chews last minute to guarantee freshness. Once you fill the stocking with goodies, keep out of reach from pets to prevent them from opening their presents too early. 

cat with stick chews

Pet Paw Balm 

Pet palm balm emerges as a winter essential for both cats and dogs and is a practical gift to slip into your pet’s stocking. The cold air prevalent during this season contributes to dry indoor conditions. The result is often a high potential of  cracked noses and paws. For dogs who take walks, the pet palm balm can act as a barrier against the potential damages of snow, ice and salt on their feet. Regular application keeps pets’ delicate paws and noses moisturized and guarded during the colder months. 

Festive Accessories 

Spread holiday cheer to your furry friends by gifting them festive attire in their stockings. Gift ideas can include a whimsical bow, dapper collar, holiday bandana or an adorable bowtie. These accessories not only make your pet look cute and stylish but also add to the joyous atmosphere of the holidays. Your cat or dog can proudly wear their new fits throughout the holidays and can be saved for uses in the years to come. 

Giving Christmas Joy in a Stocking 

This holiday, show your pets some extra love with toys that spark joy, chews that delight their taste buds and fun  accessories that add to their festive look. Thoughtful stocking stuffers that reflect your cat or dog’s preferences guarantees your pets are a big part of the holiday fun. Make this magical season special for all members of the family, including the ones with whiskers and tails. 

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