Professional Dog Grooming in Westhill with Positive Reviews

Smoochie Pooch is a safe and clean place for your pets, regardless of their skin conditions, ages, breed types, and sizes. We take pride in having talented pet groomers who are trained through the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program from Iv San Bernard. In collaboration with our in-house veterinarian and pet grooming staff, your precious ones experience the level of love and attention they deserve. 

Stop researching for ‘dog groomers near me with five-star reviews’ or ‘popular dog grooming near me’ because you are right in the right place.

Why Choose Smoochie Pooch as your Pet Grooming Woodville Partner?

Our primary goal is simple. It is to make sure that you and your pets have a positive experience with our dog groomers and pet grooming salon. We don’t use a generic set of techniques and treatments for everyone. The Smoochie Pooch pet grooming Westhill team takes the necessary steps to evaluate your pets’ health. For animals that need more advanced medical therapies, our veterinarian will give a more in-depth prognosis for that matter. 

Once expectations are set, and both parties agree on the treatment plan, Smoochie Pooch pet groomers carefully choose the products that suit your furry friends’ needs. For example, your pets have skin asthma. We make sure to utilize eczema-safe products. This is a simple example of our dog groomers’ attention to detail regarding your pets’ health.

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Mobile Pet Grooming in Westhill: Your Go-To Dog Grooming Near Me

Are your pets not getting proper dog grooming maintenance because of a tight schedule? Would you rather get in touch with ‘home service dog groomers near me’? 

The good news is that Smoochie Pooch pet groomers will go to you! With our pet grooming van, your four-legged friends experience the same quality of services but without the hassle. We highly recommend this for animals that get incredibly nervous when surrounded by many strangers. Once they are done, our professional dog groomers return your pets to your doorstep, looking fresh and clean.

Dog Groomers Near Me That Provide Special Therapies

More than the regular combing and bathing, our dog grooming Westhill team has the experience and skills to handle more severe coat, skin, and hair issues. 

One of our most popular skincare treatments is our hydro-massage ozone therapy. With this, Fresh oxygen is infused in clean and warm water. This mainly kills bacteria, reduces muscle sores, treats arthritis, promotes skin healing, and more. But if you simply want to spoil your precious ones to a spa day, this machine is fantastic for that as well.

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Choose the Best-Rated Dog Grooming Westhill Salon

Smoochie Pooch is the biggest family-owned pet grooming business in the area. We feel extremely blessed to have a team that is equally passionate about pet care services as us. The Smoochie Pooch dog grooming team is looking forward to working with you in the near future. 

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