What You Should Know Before Deciding to Feed Your Dog a Raw Diet

Feeding dogs

As a pet owner, you’ve likely heard about the rise in people choosing to feed their dog a raw food diet. The interest in this diet choice goes hand in hand with improving their dog’s overall health and longevity which also speaks to the rise of other additional services pet owners are seeking out such as skin therapy and training enrichment.

Pets are beloved members of the family and so it makes sense that pet owners are seeking out ways to improve dog wellness. However, deciding to feed your dog a raw diet isn’t a decision to be made quickly. While some people may support raw feeding, that doesn’t mean it comes without risks or that it’s automatically right for your dog.

Feeding Dogs: Is A Raw Diet the Way to Go?

For some dogs, a raw food diet has proven to be a beneficial choice. Pet owners that choose to feed raw often cite an improvement in coat health, better weight management, and an improvement in joint and bone health too. In addition, pets that eat raw can also have positive changes in their bowel movements.

When it comes to dog wellness, what you feed them certainly does matter. However, before you purchase any raw food, understand the risks that exist:

  • Food safety. This risk should come as no surprise as you will be handling and having an increased amount of raw meat come into your home. Being prepared to disinfect the areas where your dog eats raw food is critical. Additionally, pets that eat raw food are likely to shed harmful bacteria in their feces, and that bacteria can be dangerous to young children and those with a weak immune system. In some cases, the pathogens in raw food can also cause vomiting and serious illnesses in dogs.
  • Balanced diet. It’s much more difficult to ensure your dog is getting all the nutrients they need when eating a raw food diet. For example, a raw food diet can make it tricky for a dog to get the right balance of zinc and iron that they need. Even if you’re feeding dogs pre-packaged raw food meals, that still doesn’t guarantee that the balance of nutrients will be right for your pet’s needs.

While wanting the best for your dog is a good thing, it may be worth considering what additional services besides raw food could also help them feel their best. Ozone therapy shed relief, and regular exercise are also great considerations if you’re looking to improve your dog’s wellbeing.

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