5 Reasons Why My Dog’s Ears Smell

Sometimes dogs smell; they just do! Whether they rolled in something outside, haven’t been bathed in a while, or went for a swim, Schererville pet owners know that odors go along with owning a dog. But what about smelly ears in dogs? Should that be a cause for concern, and is it preventable?

Similar to their feet, a dog’s ears can deliver an odor that will leave you wondering whether a trip to the vet is necessary. If your pet goes for dog grooming services regularly, your groomer may also mention that there’s an odor that may need attention. Lingering ear infections, which are sometimes the reason for such odors, can cause your dog’s ear canal to narrow, eventually leading to hearing loss or an even more severe infection that may require surgery.

Smelly Ears in Dogs – When to Worry

If you notice your dog’s ears smell, it can be related to an underlying medical problem. If you doubt how your pet is doing, be sure to make an appointment with your Schererville vet to have their ears assessed.

In many cases, the stinky situation isn’t anything too serious and can be fixed. Below are several potential causes and information on how to prevent smelly dog ears going forward.

1. Ear infection.

All dogs have healthy bacteria on their skin, hair, paws, and in their ears. However, sometimes harmful bacteria or yeast takes over. In addition to odor, other symptoms of an ear infection include yellow, brown, or bloody discharge from the ear, redness, swelling, and scratching.

2. Mites.

If smelly ears in dogs are accompanied by intense scratching, shaking their head, and dark brown to black discharge, they likely have ear mites.

3. Allergies.

An itchy, foul-smelling ear infection may stem from an underlying allergy caused by food, outdoor allergens, or products you use in your home.

4. Ear wax production

Some dogs are prone to producing more ear wax than others, causing a mildly unpleasant odor.

5. Hormones.

If your dog’s hormones are unbalanced, this may result in an unpleasant ear smell. Both hypothyroidism and hyperadrenocorticism can make dogs more prone to ear infections.

Interested to know how to prevent smelly dog ears?Regular grooming will help keep your dog’s ears clean and in good condition, making it easier to tell if there may be an issue that needs attention. If you suspect allergies may be causing ear issues, work with a veterinarian to help identify and remove the allergen, which will stop reoccurring ear infections once and for all.

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