5 Things You Need to Know About Pet First Aid

Were you aware that April is National Pet First Aid Awareness Month? Designed to help pet owners learn how to provide emergency care, knowing what to do until you can get your pet to a veterinarian can make a significant difference if they are sick or injured. From regular pet grooming to keeping your first aid supply well stocked, there are many things to remember when it comes to being a responsible pet owner.

Even if you think you and your pet never venture too far from home and their risk of injury or illness is slim, you should still always be prepared for an emergency. Pet first aid is different than first aid you may need for a human, so be sure you have the right supplies on hand.

Pet First Aid – Helpful Tips for Pet Owners

When you take your dog or cat in for pet grooming, you can count on your Valparaiso groomer to alert you to any lumps or bumps that seem out of the ordinary. But are there things that pet owners can do at home to help ensure their pet stays as healthy as possible?

Here are five helpful tips in support of National Pet First Aid Awareness Month:

  • One of the best first aid tips comes from understanding that prevention is the best medicine. While you obviously can’t stop all accidents from happening, you can take steps to reduce dangers and risks. To start, make sure you are familiar with household items that can cause choking, injury, or accidental poisoning in dogs and cats.
  • Making appointments for regular pet grooming services can help reduce the risk of needing first aid. When your pet’s hair, coat, nails, and skin are in good condition, you’ll reduce their risk of matting, overgrown nails, and skin irritations, all of which can lead to wounds and infections that may eventually require first aid.
  • Have a pet first-aid kit stocked and easily accessible. If you haven’t checked your kit in a while, now is a good time to do that so you know you have everything you may need. Be sure to also remove any expired products.
  • Know how to use the items in your first-aid kit. It’s not enough to just have them in your home. Would you know how to properly wrap a burned paw or handle a cut on your dog’s face?
  • Learn about emergency procedures like the Heimlich maneuver and CPR. While you can find tutorials online, ask your Valparaiso veterinarian for resources, information and instructions.

Smoochie Pooch Supports a Happy and Healthy Pet

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