Behaviors to Look Out for in a New Puppy

At Smoochie Pooch in Portage, we love nothing more than grooming a new puppy and helping them have a positive first experience. From rambunctious puppies to those that are on the timid side, we’ve had the pleasure of getting to know so many different pups over the years, whether we see them in our mobile grooming vans or in one of our Indiana salons.

The reality is that puppies are just like people, which means they all have different personalities. A dog’s attitude toward people, other animals, and environments is a result of their natural temperament as well as their upbringing.

Choosing the Right Puppy

If you’ve made the decision to welcome a puppy into your home, you may have already taken the time to get prepared by finding a vet, buying supplies, and even locating mobile dog grooming vans to take care of your puppy’s hygiene.

But before you make any final arrangements, take some time to assess puppy personalities. At around seven weeks of age, here are seven traits you can look out for when choosing the ideal puppy for your home:

  • Confidence. A confident puppy will be ready to interact with you, with its tail up, and with positive energy. 
  • Independence. When you walk away from the puppy, are they interested in following you, or do they move away? Ideally, you want a puppy that wants to be around you.
  • Dominance. When the puppy is placed on its back, does it struggle fiercely to get back up and even try to bite, or does it become submissive?
  • Trainability. How much interest does the puppy show when you try and get its attention with a ball?
  • Sensitivity to handling. Does the puppy show obvious discomfort when you try to touch their ears or paws?
  • Reaction to loud noises. Some puppies cower at unexpected sounds; others are curious to investigate where the sound originated from. If they don’t react at all, they may have hearing issues. 
  • Problem-solving abilities. How curious is the puppy? When there is something new to play with, do they watch first and then try to grab the item, or are they fearful?

How to Help Your Puppy Thrive

Once your new puppy is at home, there is plenty you can do to help them adjust and to mold them into the kind of pet you want to have. While their training is very important, make sure you pay attention to their grooming needs too. Mobile dog grooming vans may be best for some puppies who might feel overwhelmed by a trip to the groomers.

When home, focus on socialization, potty training, stopping biting, and crate training. All puppies will train at different rates, so be patient. If things aren’t going well, you’re likely going too fast and need to slow it down. Remember, they have a lot to figure out and are adjusting to a new home, so it won’t all come together quickly!

Smoochie Pooch in Portage Is Ready to Welcome Your Pup

A new puppy should have its first grooming experience before six months of age. Whether you choose our mobile grooming vans or make an in-salon booking, Smoochie Pooch is ready to welcome your puppy and help them learn to love their grooming appointments. With extensive experience handling puppies of all ages and of all breeds, we’ll ensure your puppy comes back to you looking and feeling its best. Make an appointment today or give us a call at (219)-312-7362.