Highly Recommended Dog Grooming in Alida

Offering consistently high-quality pet grooming in Alida, Smoochie Pooch has a clean and cozy environment for your furry babies to relax in. With our exceptional pet groomers and staff, your dogs and cats receive the level of care and attention they deserve. 

Stop wasting your time researching for ‘dog groomers near me with positive reviews’ or ‘popular dog grooming near me’ because Smoochie Pooch is here.

Experience the Best Dog Groomers in Town

Our pet groomers are trained under the Certified Pet Aesthetician Program from Iv San Bernard. They have plenty of experience from different breed-specific grooming techniques to skin allergy treatments. They are passionate about promoting your pets’ health and bringing you satisfaction. Moreover, Smoochie Pooch pet groomers are skilled at soothing nervous animals. They are also quite confident and experienced in providing the treatments despite your pets’ fussiness. 


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Smoochie Pooch’s Pet Grooming Philosophy

As your trusted pet grooming in Alida, our main goal is to give each four-legged client a positive experience with our salon and staff. We don’t believe in providing a one-size-fits-all solution for everyone that comes in. Smoochie Pooch dog groomers always evaluate your pets first. With our in-house veterinarian, we create tailor-made treatment plans to cure existing conditions and prevent future complications from occurring. 

More than just your standard pet grooming in Alida, we even offer spa packages and advanced therapies. One of our most popular treatments is the hydro-massage ozone therapy. Don’t get us wrong; this is not your average bathing machine! This state-of-the-art equipment infuses fresh oxygen into warm and clean water to kill bacteria and viruses, promote healing of joint and muscle pain, improve blood circulation, remove odors, soothe itchiness and skin allergies, and help heal wounds. Of course, this is also fantastic for spoiling your active and hardworking pets.

Mobile Dog Grooming in Alida: Smoochie Pooch Pet Grooming Team is Coming Your Way

Do you have a super hectic life and would rather book ‘home service dog groomers near me’? Does your pet get stressed when traveling? Are they not routinely groomed anymore because of these hindrances? 

Worry no more because Smoochie Pooch is bringing our signature pet grooming services to you! Your furry babies will receive individualized dog grooming sessions, making this ideal for those that get even more anxious when surrounded by strangers and other animals for several hours.

The Smoochie Pooch pet grooming van is fully equipped with all the tools and products we have in the salon for that consistent dog grooming quality our clients know and love but minus the hassle.

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Visit the Best-Rated Salon for Dog Grooming Near Me

Smoochie Pooch is your ‘dependable dog grooming near me’, no matter how routinary or unusual the job is. With us, you can have peace of mind that experts and passionate individuals are taking care of your beloved pets.

Don’t waste your time and money elsewhere, and book the ‘most sought-after dog groomers near me’! Give us a call today to get started.