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spoiling a dog, dogs deserve to be spoiled

How to Spoil Your Dog

Looking for ways to spoil your dog? Read on to explore some of the ways you can shower your canine friend with affection and appreciation

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making holidays safe for pets

Pet Holiday Hazards

The holidays are a time of joy and celebration, but they also bring potential pet hazards for our furry companions. Common holiday elements like seasonal

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create a safe friendship between child and pet

Safety Tips for Kids and Pets

In the heartwarming companionship between children and pets, encouraging a happy and safe environment is important. While the bond can be deeply rewarding, understanding and

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lymphoma causes in pets, lymphoma symptoms in pets, lymphoma treatments in pets

Lymphoma in Cats and Dogs

Approximately 7%-14% of dogs and 30% of cats are diagnosed with lymphoma each year. This disease causes tumors and other symptoms to occur within the

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