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Dog Grooming in Decatur, IN

Smoochie Pooch has some of the top-rated dog groomers in Decatur. We meticulously and lovingly assess each dog to understand their specific needs better. In doing so, our pet groomers can curate and suggest the best treatments and products that suit your furry friend’s hair, coat, skin condition, and other health issues. We have an adjustable table to accommodate every dog breed and size. Smoochie Pooch dog boutique even offers soothing dog spa services, including soaking and washing your furry best friend in our state-of-the-art ozone-bathing machine. Besides providing a unique and thoroughly relaxing experience for your pets, this is also effective in alleviating their aches and pains related to arthritis.

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What makes Smoochie Pooch one of the most highly-recommended pet salons in Decatur, IN is our dedication to each dog. We know how much you love them, which is why we treat them with the same level of care as if they are our own. Nail trimming, pet grooming, bathing, paw maintenance, and ear cleaning are some of the essential services we offer. Smoochie Pooch also provides special spa bundles for your animal best friend. Don’t forget to avail of our reward and referral programs as well.

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Smoochie Pooch is the finest dog grooming place in Decatur IN

Mobile Grooming in Decatur, IN

We highly suggest that you bring your dog every 2-6 weeks for touch-ups and maintenance to ensure that their skin and coat are at its prime. However, we understand that you might not have the time for that. This is why we’re bringing our dog grooming salon to you! Our mobile Decatur pet grooming van has a clean, well-organized, and relaxing ambiance to help calm down your furry family member during the 60-75-minute process. After the service, we will return them to your front door, clean and happy.

Our mobile grooming is not just convenient and time-saving; it is also perfect for dogs who don’t enjoy traveling. Plus, your pets are not surrounded by other dogs, causing them to panic and feel uneasy. If you don’t want to stress your dogs out even before the grooming has started, we highly suggest you choose this option instead. With our mobile services, your dogs are not caged, and our stylist gives them sole attention. Thus, allowing them to provide the best services to your furry friend fully. More importantly, the area and tools used are all disinfected after every dog to secure their overall health and safety.

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