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Top-rated Dog Grooming in Huntington, IN

Have you been wasted lots of hours on Google, searching for “high-quality dog grooming near me” or “top Huntington grooming services”? Of course, you only want the best for your pet, who you treat as a part of your family. It’s certainly not easy to trust any dog grooming salon, especially if they haven’t established their credibility. The good news is that Smoochie Pooch, a highly reputable Huntington grooming salon, is here to meet or even exceed your demands and expectations.

Smoochie Pooch is not your typical Huntington pet grooming salon. Here, we don’t have standard services that each breed gets. Instead, our outstanding and dedicated pet groomers take the time to evaluate each dog to understand their current health, existing ailments, medical risks. We also learn more about you, their owner. During the assessment, we ask about your expectations, demands, and budget. This way, we can curate the best services to help your pets look and feel their best. These additional steps also allow us to select the most appropriate products and tools to maintain or even improve your pets’ condition.

Smoochie Pooch takes pride in having some of the gentlest and most professional dog groomers in Huntington, IN. They aren’t just Iv San Bernard Certified pet estheticians; they are also experts in animal behavior and particular grooming techniques for a wide variety of dog breeds. With all the years of experience and training under their belt, you can be confident that your pets are well cared for. 

From hair cutting to ear cleaning, we have them all. Smoochie Pooch also offers one of the most talked-about dog spa services in town. As a reputable dog boutique salon, we utilize a modern ozone-therapy bathing machine to helps dogs suffering from arthritis. This machine helps alleviate their pain and relax their muscles. But if you want to treat your beloved dog to a full spa day, we highly suggest using this machine as well.

Exceptional Mobile Grooming in Huntington, IN

Another reason why Smoochie Pooch is among the top-rated pet salons in Huntington, IN is because of our mobile grooming services. This is recommended for busy pet-owners who barely have the time and energy to take their furry best friend to the groomers. Dogs who hate traveling are perfect candidates for our mobile salon as well.

Despite being an extension of our main Huntington branch, you can guarantee that your pets will receive the same quality of services. We use a unique table that adjusts to the height and size of every dog. They aren’t locked up in cages and are not waiting for several hours without water or food. The full service takes around 6-75 minutes, and your pet is good to go. Since we prioritize your hounds’ overall health and safety, we always make sure that all the tools and equipment are sanitized after every furry client.

Are you ready to book an appointment? Call us today! You surely won’t regret it.

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